Monday, October 18, 2004

Sex in Public

Last night, the boy and I had skanky teenage-esque park sex for the first time ever. We've been going out for two-and-a-half years, but this is the first time we've actually 'needed' to go an' do some public nasty.

We've always had nice, private places in which to get wriggly. But now, he's moved back with his parents (mormons - SHUDDER) and I've moved into a place where my new flatmate happens to be my elderly wog grandma. Herein lies the 'where to have sex' problem. My Grandmother (or G-ma, as she's known on the street) is cool with the Boy staying over (he and I did live together for a year) but the Boy feels awkward about stickin' it to me @ her house. Which is fine for now. I'm getting a wall put up so I have my own 'wing' of the house, which will increase my privacy and chance to have some nice, acrobatic, slow-ish bed sex. Can't wait.

Interesting footnote: when having missionary sex on a hill, it's more poundtastic if the girl's head is facing downill, feet facing uphill. Nice. I would have tried to make it last longer, but it had been TWO WEEKS (the longest me and the Boy have ever gone without) so we were both pretty desperate to come.

It was weird feeling the breeze and looking up at the stars; it reminded me of EX 2. We used to have sex either...

@ his house. pros: bed cons: i would have to sneak out his window afterwards. No, really. Did I mention he was 27? Ouch.

on the footy oval next to optus oval. pros: looking up at the stars was nice. And i could be a little louder cons: I felt like a bogan. A few times, joggers running passed *just after* we finished.

So yeah. The boy and I: a milestone. Awwww. (?!)

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Desci said...

So, anyone else have some wacky public sex stories? Go on...