Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Graveyard shift last night kinda sucked. It was fun, but the four of us had hung out for a few hours before the start, so we’d wasted all our funny on each other. Plus being summer the studio was rife with technical fuckups.

Plus summer + 2am to 6am = our only callers being stoned teenage wankers. Sigh. Plus my friends banned me from flirting with them, using the time-honoured ‘you’re 23, it’s illegal’ argument. Double sigh.

Mum woke me up after a few hours sleep by knocking on my front door (she thought someone else’d be home to let her in, so she could dump her shopping bags). She then proceeded to show me seven hundred fluffy/plush toys she’d bought from Go Lo. It was a little intense on five hours’ sleep.

Seriously, she spent about fifty bucks on 50c toys. Insane. We have a few kids in our extended family, and it is Christmas… still, I can’t but think she was a little excessive. That said, I took a couple of weird small turtle things that vibrate when you pull their tails. Chrissie gifts.

Funzo Ex 3 called me yesterday arvo while I was Chrissie shopping. Here’s how it went:

D: Hello?

F: Hi. (all business) You wanted to talk to me?

D: Um..?

F: On Friday. You said we should talk in a couple of days.

D: Oh. Oh yeah. Yeah, I just thought… you know, we should talk. How are you?

some awkward small talk ensues

D: So I’ll see you Wednesday night, then. note: Wednesday night we’re both going to be at an Angie Hart gig. More about THAT awkwardness later

F: What? Oh, are we going to say hi to each other?

D: Well, yeah. *You* said you wanted to be friends. What the fuck?

some awkward last words

Then he messaged me fifteen minuets later with ‘don’t what the fuck me, you’re the one who ended it, I need time to adjust’ gash. I replied ‘well, considering you said you wanted to end this a year ago, but just didn’t coz you didn’t ‘want to hurt me’ [bullshit he just said when I was breaking up with him to try and get me back a little] I thought you wouldn’t need to adjust too much. Maybe I was being na├»ve. I hope we’re cool. xo’ Ha! Faced!

Bought a hizzot black bra to cheer myself up. (I’m going through the ‘crap! Someone new’s gonna see me naked! Buy cool underwear! Tone and de-hair thyself!!’ nesting thing) Also, (despite the fact that I have a, quite frankly, ridiculous amount of undies) a cool black and white pair with little laughing Felix the Cat heads all over them. So cool, so creepy. I’m awesome.

What else? Ah! I’ll do a Chrissie stuff list. In a separate post. Fuck it, maybe tomorrow.

Desci’s a cunt! She’s holding out on you! Stay tuned for Her NYE plans, a post she wrote before she dumped Funzo Ex 3, and her deleting said Funzo’s lameass SMSes!!


Adam 2.0 said...

Not SYN FM, perchance?

Desci said...

Hee! I got your number; FareEvader: I was looking @ the website (the sms request thing was fucked) and saw your show! And NIIIICE pic. Bitch, you're HOT! ;)