Saturday, December 11, 2004

Something That Fills Me With an Unexplainable, Uncontrollable, All-Consuming Rage

The phrase 'Shum On' in songs, in lieu of 'c'mon'

Now I'm off to make a disgustingly huge effort getting ready to meet the Other Boy, then tell him all the effort's for the picnic I'm going to tonight. Which isn't *completely* untrue...

I'm gonna look so hot. He'll be all 'God Desci, you are hot. Let me take you out and buy you things, while we also make out like skanky teens' And I'll put my crack pipe down and say 'sorry, I was hallucinating. Now, what were you saying about iTunes?'

Shum Ohwn!


Angry said...

It's not as annoying as ....aight! instead of alright.

It shits me.


Jellyfish said...

In lieu of 'Come On' - is that what it means?? Wow. I never knew what on the earth they were saying. Heh. Blogs help me learning good.

Dya still wanna hear what Zach Braff said to Pomerantz? Send me an email and I'll fwd it on. And then we can make a brief visit to Mormon Weddings 'R' Us. :)

Desci said...

Angry: aaiiiight, that's pretty bad. Especially when sung with a blaccsent a la Jizzuzztin Tizzimberlake.

Jellyfish: yes yes yes! and yes!!