Friday, March 25, 2005

Desci’s Weekend, etc

Wellity, well. I got my haircut on Wednesday, looks hizzot. Usual blue-black with pink bits (hur hur), and shortish with a long bit either side. Kinda rock chick; uber cool.

Today I’m going out to Hurstbridge to spend Good Friday with Boyfriend’s immediate fam. They have smoked cod, I’ve never tried it, I’m scared I’ll gag. (I like fish, but c’mon, ‘Smoked. Cod’. Gaaaag)

Don’t eat meat today: Good Friday. Recognise.

(More tradition than religion).

I’m not used to family Easter stuff. Ever since I was about 16, the Easter break has meant house sitting and minding the dog while my parents and brother go camping. Which means for me, ‘Easter Sunday’ is dancing around the house naked, serenading the family Rottweiler through mouthfuls of easer egg (and I wouldn’t have it any other way).

So today is fam-tastic. Then from tonight til Monday morning, I’ll pretty much be in Boyfriend’s bedroom, except for breaks for Dave Callan and greek food in Kew on Saturday night, and DANIEL KITTSON on Sunday night. And probably getting rowdy and dancey on Sunday night @ weekender or some place that plays NIN for Boyfriend (suggestions? I haven’t got Beat yet)

So will possibly do a quick post if I can get my hands on his laptop, but otherwise, have a chocolatey jesus deadday! xo


Hambo said...

Happy McEaster Day Desci.

I think that Im the only person in the world on the internet today. Oh well, enjoy the smoked cod, its pretty nice if its done up with herbs and butter wrapped in foil and either done in the oven or BBQ for 20-30 min, or until cooked.

Anonymous said...

Posting from 'his' laptop? SUICIDAL. Hope you massacre the history.

Adam 1.0

Anonymous said...

Dude, his family is from Hurstbridge?? Do they play banjos with their teeth? GET OUT NOW!!!

- Caz.

Desci said...

Hambo - cheers babe! xo. The cod couldn't have tasted better if it was balanced atop a pop starlet's abdomen. gaaag.

1.0 - I'm so on that. ;)

Caz - Nah, Hurstbridge/Diamond Creek is ok, normal burb types's once you get to St Andrews that you gotta worry...