Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter Stuff Part I

Quick! While I’m still loved up! Before the thought of no sex for the next few days becomes unbearable!!

Good Friday was nice. Except for that fucking smoked cod. I love seafood, but Jesus. At least it didn’t taste as bad as it smelled, but after one bite I knew I couldn’t swallow it down. Eeeeew.

But Boyfriend’s mum was lovely about it, and for dinner (we went for dinner and lunch), made me some normal fish fillets.

Boyfriend’s parents and grandmother (yeah, the grandmother lives with the parents) were lovely to me. They were so great, making me feel welcome, etc. They’re lovely people.

Funzo Ex 3’s parents were always nice to me, but that was a very fucked up family, plus they were full-on mormons, so I couldn’t even say ‘oh my god’ in front of them (which was so easy for a Desci with a sailor-mouth. Hm). So there was always tension. But yeah. Just another way in which Boyfriend’s better. Not that I’m counting, but so far, the only things Funzo has over him are dick size and free time.

Ooh! Two things from Friday, one funny one a bit creepy:

Funny: once we’d been at his parents’ house for about ten minutes, I was talking to Boyfriend’s mum, and a photo on the far wall caught my eye: it was a picture of Boyfriend and his two brothers, taken late 99/early 2000 ish, which is just before the time we met. He’s changed a bit since then, haircut and weight mostly (he’s all pudgy now) but the photo just took me back to when I was a clueless 18-year-old virgin. God, he was so fucking hot, (still is, of course, but he was much skinnier then). No wonder I became so obsessed with him. But seeing the photo, I actually got butterflies. Hee.

Creepy: I’ve only met his older brother a few times, when I was drunk, or briefly. This was the first bigtime sober meet. And at first, he totally reminded me of Ex2. In appearance, manner, everything. Extreme similarities. It totally, utterly freaked me out (Ex2 having fucked me up a little bit). But then, as we talked, the similarities kinda dimmed somewhat. Which is a relief, since I like his older brother, he’s a cool guy. Boyfriend also has a non-identical twin bro, but we’ve been friends for as long as Boyfriend and I have, so no worries there.

Meh, I’m trying to make my posts shorter. So I’ll get to the weekend and the sex tomorrow. (Dirty cock tease)


Kaufman said...

Two words: fucking disappointing. That's all I can say. Or is it? No, there's more.

You promised titties and there were no titties in the page that's currently posted. If you think that I'm gonna stick around and spend time sorting through your backlog of prick teasing archives, then you're fucking wrong.

This sucks. Your profile suggests a person of mildly ill repute and vivacious possibilities, yet... Flatline... Nada... Zilch... Squat [above my face and other pointed zones of mah body]... Words, words and more words. I have words. Other people have words, but you promised titties and I think someone's getting ripped off here, and it isn't you.

I hope you got nailed over Easter and have some decent mega pixeled digi shots to upload for those about rock.

I salute you, Melbourne Human Female!!!!

Desci said...

Er, yeah. No pictures here. I can't be arsed learning how to post them. Plus, nekkid pictures of me on the internet? How about no. I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding porn on the internet. Try this one: it's probably more your thing.

Yakity yak, don't come back. Buh-bye.

annoying customer said...

Sup, niggahz.
Im still trying to figure out if i did see you at ROTS film fest. Was it just the two of you or were you with another pair of goths and do you have a piercing just below your lip?
Oh, and since you sound like you need a new cartoon series to get hooked on, when im back in town ill rip you a dvd of Aqua Teen and Sealab. I think it will be right up your alley.

TheGestator said...

Desci, I'm Dissapointed, In The Nicest Possible Way.. I'm Relying On YOU (and your genius mind) For All Things Sex.. You See I'm Pregnant/Bovine At The Moment And Therefore Can't Actually Be Arsed Getting Any Myself.. Besides.. Yours Is Far More Exciting/Entertaining.. A Cuppa,TimTams And Desci. The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Pants On And No Messy Bodily Fluids !

Desci Darling, Let Me Serve As A Warning To You, Sex May One Day Turn You Into Me.

Love Your Work. :)

Martie said...

Heh, Desci. I browsed thru your comments, as always, and out of total curiousity, brought up that rude and naughty site you mentioned. Egh. I would much rather read about your adventures (heh, who wouldn't when they have no adventures of their own!), than stare at her ugly vag. Looking forward to Part II.


Desci said...

AC - just us two, I'm only semi-gothy

TheGestator - thanks for the nice words! ;) as for the condom thing, I know, they are the best protection, but EEEEW, i just HATE them. I figure, if im dilligent with the pill and in a monogamous r'ship, it's all good? well, not as good as pill AND condoms, but... ewwww!

Martie - cheers! It does come across as a little boganny sometimes, yeah? Just coz she's like, 6 months pregnant, which is a little odd considering all the vaginaness...(ooh! Also - is your no good ex still with his no good ho?)

And everyone, don't worry, PLENTY o' sex stuff coming up :P

Martie said...

Desci - no good ho disappeared up to cow country (how fitting hee); but I'm still going thru the same heartbreak of 'i love you; i want to get back together, let's have sex, oh no i'm confused'. Thank fuck I have your blog to live vicariously thru.

Hehe, and when are you going to make him get on top? C'mon, you have to start developing his sex muscles. It's time for the 102 class.