Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Easter Stuff Part II

Saturday and Sunday were spent in Boyfriend’s room, lounging about, having sex (yes, more about that later) and even doing a spot of homework while he worked on a dance track by one of his friends.

Ooh, and eating chocolate. His mum gave an orgasmic collection of Easter eggs on Friday. So. Much. Chocolate.

Saturday night Jaxx and I saw Dave Callan’s Show, ‘the Sunshine Factory’. It was a little poorly rehearsed, very hit and miss, but I thought there were some great bits in it. I’m still unsure about the other guy in the show though. Funny creepy or just creepy? Hmmm. The former, I suppose.

Then we went to Yianni’s Greek Tavern in Kew. Seriously, best food in the world. But so much (once, even 4 hashcaked babyboomers and I couldn’t get through all of it). $30-40 per head for a set menu is soooo worth it. Went with Junior, Jaxx, Sunshine, Sunshine’s little sister and Boyfriend.

After much food and much red wine, Jaxx, Sunshine and I took it upon ourselves to join in with the old Greeks doing traditional dancing (they have a live band on Saturdays, and after their meal some patrons like to boogie in the traditional manner). But after a while of us trying to blend in with the circle-dancing and clicking (an me feeling like a half-caste fraud… damn never paying attention at my dad’s side’s weddings) we decided to kick it up and just dance like MTV hootchies. Which was fun for us, since we were three drunk kids. And even funner for our sober, and drunk, friends back at our table, looking on in amusement / horror.

Sunday night we saw Daniel Kitson’s ‘Stories for the Wobbly Hearted’. Sublime. With no hyperbole, may I say twas the best thing I’ve ever seen, ever. I even had a tiny, wee sook at one point. Not everyone’s thing, but if you like kinda upbeat melancholy, then oh my god go. I was front row centre, heh. I’m so glad I’m seeing it again in two weeks. Oh, and if you pull the ring thingy on your chair at the council chambers, it’ll go more comfy. Trust me.

Then we went to Pony for the first time ever (see, I’m not that cool. Ahem). Quote of the night was Comic Writer Boy’s: ‘there’s a lot of haircuts here’.

My tummy was feeling a little weird (well, considering the Greek binge, chocolate and a pizza dinner were all we’d eaten all weekend, perhaps it was more ‘justifiably queasy’ than ‘weird’). So we decided not to rock on to Weekender, and had an early one instead.

So! Sex is lovely (‘scratching an itch with felt’-feeling notwithstanding). I told him that for now, just to come whenever he feels like it, be it three seconds or whatever. So far, it’s been a good length of time (I get a bit fuzzy with minutes). I just want to get him comfortable with it all, since I think he the problem of losing it last time coz I wanted to come first, and then told him not to for a bit. So we’ll do it like that for awhile, then see.

But it’s been all cool, coz after he comes, he can still go for a little bit (well, for the time it takes me to sit on top and rub my clit to orgasm, then have a little bit more thrustyness). The first time it happened, he came, and I kind of kept going slowly, making sure it wasn’t too sensitive or anything, and he fucking LOVED it. Afterwards, he asked me, ‘is that normal?’ (ie for the boy to keep going a little bit after coming). I told him that sometimes it happened, if the boy wasn’t too sensitive or sore, and that sometimes, if you keep going long enough, you can even come again. That’s right, isn’t it?

So anyway. We’re both enjoying it muchly. Hee – I love his sexface and little noises. It’s like pure pleasure, so cool.

Such a perfect Easter break. Spent with Boyfriend, who just happens to be the most attractive, sexiest, funniest, coolest, most wonderful human being on the fucking planet. Sigh.

Now tonight, dinner on Brunswick Street, followed by two comedy festival shows: Lawrence and Andy’s secret society one, and the gorgeous, brilliant Arj Barker. Ain’t nothing’ wrong with life, no siree.

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Also coming up this week: a checklist of sex things Boyfriend and I have and haven’t yet done! Positions, milestones, etc. Look, see, make a suggestion, tell me what I’m missing!

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Martie said...

sounding good...see my 2nd comment in Part 1 for the on top shit - you suggest that it's all happening here! Bugger, I'm such a n00b! Should have checked part 2 first.