Tuesday, March 01, 2005

‘Just Fuck Him, Already!’: Upon Prolonging the Magic

Some of you are starting to get impatient about me and Boyfriend not having sex yet. (Hell, some of you’ve been impatient from the start).

It’s kinda hurtling forward towards Soonland. But I was laying in bed last night thinking (post toss, of course, hence the sensibleness). Once we do fuck, they’ll be no more taking it slow, etc. like, now we’re up to oral (for him, Desci-engineered orgasms for me), we can’t go back to just making out for hours. So once we have sex, the rest of the stuff will still be cool, but less exciting. Do I really want to give that up? Why gobble up the whole icecream in three seconds when you can lick it? And has anyone ever been in this position? (Just prior to losing your virginity doesn’t count).

Having said that, if we haven’t done it by his birthday I’ll be pretty surprised. But in the meantime, keep your fucking pants on (I am… boom-boom). I talk more about naughty stuff when I’m not getting it. But it’ll happen, and you’ll be the first to know far too much about it. Dig?

Kisses xoxo

ALSO: A big huge thank you to the anonymous champ who referred me to the blog that had the new NIN tracks on it. Boyfriend now thinks I’m the coolest person in the world (well, more so… hee!)

Coming up: Drunken SMS conversations and a fun new weekly thing!


mnkymelbourne said...

i will be serious for once - if he is the one and you are going to be together for years (at the very least) what does it matter how long it takes? there is no rule book for this sort of thing - i must say the only thing that concerns me is the amount of time you two spend apart - busy job or not - I don't get it? If he has a car and money he has no excuse - the 'he has been out of the game for a while' is just horse shit frankly - if he is like this now what will he be like when he really takes you for granted and puts you second. Anyhow - don't bother how long it takes enjoy what you are doing if it feels great - i have had 2 relationships that lasted (not a year) where we did everything but sex - it just never happened - it is not like we didn't have fun - there are just all different sorts of relationships - the only thing to beware of is if you or him are holding back due to some subconscious impediment oncerning your past relationships

kranki said...

I think it's smart to wait until you can't stand it anymore. It's like waiting to open your presents. Carry on. Is he hesitant, do you both come up for air and force yourselves to stop?

Desci said...

Kranki - totally.

Mnky - yeah, we both recognise this is a serious, long term thing. So, besides our increasing hornyness, what's the rush?

Actually, i don't think I've been clear. He doesn't drive, and he's pretty damn poor (he has to live on like $30 for the week, some times. But when he's got $ he buys me dinner, drinks, taxis etc) Combination of not getting paid a lot of $ (but loving his job) and living in east melbourne. if he was rich, and drove, i'd be in 'what the FUCK?!' land. But no.

He tells me all the time how much he wishes he could see more of me, etc, etc. So we've talked, and we're both of the opinion that it sucks, and if things were different we'd see a lot more of each other. (I mean, we pretty much spend ALL his spare time together anyway, which I feel guilty about sometimes, and always ask him whether he's got errands, and stuff, he needs to do instead on his day off)

More Oz Ramblings said...

It is possible to be *ahem*, fucking, and still do the really long making out thing. It takes self control, then sometimes you just get lost in the making out and realise it's been an hour. That's good.

Desci said...

Aha! that makes me feel a little better. ;)

Anonymous said...

Pre-marital sex makes baby Jesus cry. Just sayin'...

The Hack.