Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Meet the Family II

Thank you for all the words of congratu-ma-lations re: The Sexening. You guys all rule. Many Keeeeses.

Boyfriend met my extended family on Sunday. The Aussie side, my mum’s people. All short, fat and blonde (I’m not blonde). He actually did amazingly well. We spent the day drinking our vodka and scamming hash cakes from papa. We didn’t get really fucked up, but we were pleasantly glowy all day. We talked to the better members of the family, laughed with my little brother, got my crazy uncle fired up (over the last decade, his doctor shopping has increased, and he’s been upgraded from ‘pleasantly eccentric’ to ‘just fucking crazy’). Ultimately, the day was actually a very pleasant experience.

I slept over at his house on Sunday night. I was full of alcohol, pot and lots of BBQ (slightly less full of food once I’d hurled, but I think that was more due to the amount of dodgy food I’d eaten rather than pot or alcomahol). He had to do an hour or two of work before going to bed, so I fought to stay up (even did my uni readings while I was hanging out). But I was fast asleep by the time he slid into bed beside me (with only his jocks on! Awesome, major progression there. Have I mentioned I loooove Boyfriend naked or virtually so? It’s brill). I woke up briefly, but I was so tired, and he was wrecked, so we both crashed, I think.

In the morning I kinda cracked the shits coz it’d been to hot to hug him all night, and we’d both had hassled sleeps. I woke up at 8, ready for a lil sumthin’ sumthin’. But he was crashed out. I whispered to him that, since my period is gonna start late this week, this’d probably be the last chance for sex until mid next week. He was exhausted, but tried to cuddle up and keep conscious. Didn’t work. Bless him, he really, really tried, but no. I got pretty shitty. I hope the fact that his libido doesn’t match mine, is more due to the lack of sleep lately, than anything more worrying. I’m not too fussed at the moment, I’m happy to wait and see. (Since he doesn’t sleep a lot/has needed a low libido over the last six or so years, and has expressed desires for us to go at it like bunnies, etc).

After being all surly to him and leaving in kind of a huff when I had to go to uni early, I sent him a sheepish sorry SMS, and he was all lovey and apologetic. So stuff is really good, though I’m horny as hell. I wonder if I’ll be able to see him before I start bleeding? Pleasepleaseplease. We’ll see.

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mnkymelbourne said...

he is a guy - right? I am not missing something? I didn't miss a post where you mention that he lost both testicles in a freak BMX accident or that he cannot produce testosterone due to falling in to a microwave as a baby? He is awoken by a naked chick in the morning (morning boner - best, biggest, most throbbing and hardest of the day) and he snoozes in??? words fail me! Look if you two sweet kids need someone to watch you two in action (and film it) and give you some pointers let me know - least I can do - and yes I am single!!!

Desci said...

Yeah, Mnky, you do have a point. it's one of the very short list of things that im scared are gonna be a prob in the relationship. Shouldn't he be begging for it, even if he's near unconscious? I dunno. we'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Just because he doesn't try and bone you whenever you see him doesn't mean he doesn't want to. I reckon if it had been that long between drinks for me I'd be a bit cautious too. You should be looking forward to moulding this "lump of clay" into a Desci made fuck machine.
It's been obvious from every message that mnky has ever left here that he badly wants to bend you over :p You might as well see if boyfriend is up for a menage.

Desci said...

Ooh, I like the cut o' Marc's jibe! Whaddaya reckon, Mnky? :P

But seriously, cheers for the reaffirmation, Marc. Makes me feel better getting a guy eexplaining Boyfriend's position in a better light.