Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Poor Fricken Desci, Already.

Boo friggidy hoo, I’m poor. Boo friggidy hoo, I’m hormonal. Surly Thursday and Phucked Phriday are coming up (ie, the bad PMS days of the month. Ah, the pill, where one can actually pinpoint exact days for these feelings).

Had a sook over the phone to Mum re: uni and Boyfriend stuff. Actually felt better afterwards. Huh.

My grandmother, with whom I live, fell over last week, and broke her hand. Bones. Like. China. So she’s in a cast for four weeks, and I have to do stuff for her. Grrr. Stupid allure of rent-free place to live.

Haven’t seen Boyfriend at all, but for Friday night. Before then, it was, like, the previous Sunday. Now I ‘might’ be seeing him tonight, but I dunno. He might have to work late. I’m getting so sick of him working 75-hour weeks. What’s better: a Boyfriend with an impossibly cool career, or actually seeing him? Insult to injury: he doesn’t even make that much $. And he worked all last weekend, and will be working all this weekend too.

Yes, yes, before I continue griping, I know it’s better than not being with him at all. But Jesus, I’d like to see him a couple of times a week, is that freakish and stalkery? Fuck no.

And I know he wants to see me more, but circumstances are too difficult.

So no talk about titty or cock today. Just me feeling down coz all I wanna do is spend time with the one I love (yes, yes, there you go. You all know I love him, just coz I haven’t told him yet, doesn’t mean I don’t).

Well, cry me a cunting river.

But tomorrow! The moodswing rollercoaster continues! Laugh with Desci as she shares with you the piss-funnyness of 1900 Freakline: messages from the saddest cunts around!


mnkymelbourne said...

well i think the answer is obvious - move in with him - that way although he and you work zany hours you will still get to spend lots of time together - simple solution just do it! NOW!

Desci said...

Sigh. I don't have $ for rent right now, and plus, there's not room for me and my crap in his gorgeous East Melbourne flat.

But is it wrong to be thinking that that's totally the solution? And is it wrong to just wanna get married already, less that three months into the relationship? I'm thinking yes, which is why I won't say these things. Instead, I'll just moon over the photo of him in my diary. Sigh.

mnkymelbourne said...

when its right its right - you know deep down when it feels right - can't you just move in and if he wants some rent money just pay him what you can - personally I don't see why he would want a cent from you - just tell him you need and want him sooooo much (which you do) and you have to see more of him and moving in together is the only way to achieve it

Hambo said...

I tried calling 1900 Freakline, but I keep getting the following message:

The number you have tried to call is incorrect. Please try again. Thank you.

All I wanted to do was hear your sexy voice Desci! Is that too much to ask???

OMG I have gone all stalker!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're obviously dialling too many numbers. If you dial in 1900 373 255 - or 1900 FRE AKL you should be right.

Dr. of Telephony
Adam 1.0

Anonymous said...

Oh and sorry to play Extreme Nihilist '05 but if you moving in with him/get married after three months would be disasterous. Believe me. I did the move in after three months thing and two years later I was still there.

Adam 1.0

Desci said...

Mmm, I think, though I'd love to see more of him, it's still too soon. Plus, we both have living circumstances we're happy with - I have no rent, hardly any bills and LOTS of space, he has two awesome flatmates and -just- enough room for all his techy stuff. One day, but not today. It's just Desci being her usual obsessive extremist self. (Example: 'hey! noodie juices are yum... I know! I'll live on them for a week!' Not quite, but almost.)

Also, I'd love to see him more, but I'm a little gun-shy from moving in with Funzo Ex3 so soon: Quality time became quantity time, and we ended up at each other's throats.

Dr of Telephony. Heehee.

In other news, Hamswah's totally got the Desci fever. BAM! xo

annoying customer said...

Sharing a home
before you've even owned his bone?
Such risky persuit may leave desci
with a dud root!
You must experience his wang,
and ensure a bang.
Or else ditch him
and whack off instead.

Brought to you by Dr. Seuss' cuz Dr. AC.

Desci said...

Attention, attention: AC is my new hero. Hee!

Hambo said...

Yeah, I got myself a bad case of the Desci fever. Is there a doctor in the house?