Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Surly Desci, Inc.

No real post today. I’m about to do a 12.30-11pm shift in a fucking callcentre, so that’ll do, pig. (Luckily, I’m on the bludgy switchboard from 5pm onwards, unless the cunty boss is there, in which case I’m fucked).

Just a plug: My real-life friend Comic Writer Boy, (who doesn’t know me as Desci: shhh!) is having a showing of his super-cool cartoony artwork. It’s at Glitch from the 18th March until 17th April, but here’s the info for the opening, to which I’m so going:

Friday, 18th March, from 6.30 pm

Glitch Bar and Cinema, 318 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy.

So come along to the opening, and say hi. Or just check his stuff out next time you’re around the area. It’s really very good. And he doesn’t even know about this blog, so I’m not just blowing smoke up his arse. Two Desci-thumbs up.

Voting has now closed in the thingy. Stay tuned tomorrow for the results, and all new fucked-up people!


Ruth said...

Uhm, I think you'll find now you've linked to his site, he's going to see that hits are coming from here and find it...

mnkymelbourne said...

I am sooooo there! Fitzroy that is near keilor right? I'll find it. I will be the 190kgplus guy being driven around on a fork lift with the tartan waiscoat, black and white striped pants and pink spats and uncontrolled long red hair most of it growing from my back I have a strange bohemian white beard, long legs and short stumpy arms and one extra tiny hand and one extra large hand - so you can spot me I will wear a rose in my lapel -LOL

annoying customer said...

I missed out on the vote...

Anonymous said...

Ruth - Damn! I forgot there was a good reason as to why you only posted *flyers* for your band.

...Ach, he won't check traffic.

Mnky - I'd like to believe that, I really, really would. *sheds a single tear*

AC - you snooze, you lose! C'mon, it's not like you're not a regular, and accidentally missed out cuz you haven't read the post yet! next week. :P

- Desci