Friday, March 11, 2005

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Desci

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Desci

Swoonsigh. So happy right now. Last night was sublime.

Went to Boyfriend’s house, and made out. Wonderful good. But then the wind changed and it went all weird (a combination of me being PMSy, and him being very stressed). So he suggested we go out to dinner. I was all frustrated and unsatisfied.

But then I got all gay again when we had a yummygood romantic dinner @ Red Rice on Brunswick street. The bottle of red we had was a little dry for me, but still, it was all wonderful and perfect. With the meal, a taxi to and from, and giving me $ for a taxi home, Boyfriend woulda spent about $150 on the pleasure of my company last night. And was glad to do it. God bless overtime pay, and my general fabulousness. And, you know, him.

So we went back to his house and made out again. I was pretty damn tipsy. So we kinda went further than we’ve been before. He was all handsy below my waist, and was totally rubbing the exact right spot through my pants. I was thinking, ‘this is weird, how does he know?’ (since, due to his lack of experience, he really, er, shouldn’t). Then he got my pants off (Something we’ve not previously done – thank god I was wearing my cool back-and-orange panties with the Chinese dragon on the front) and… no searching, no guiding, just, ‘Oh, hello, Mademoiselle Clitoris, how nice to finally meet you!’ (well, obviously he didn’t say that, as it woulda creeped me right out. But you get the drift).

I know he twiddles buttons for a living (which is probably why he’s soooooo good at nipple-play) but seriously. Finding the right place straight away, and some minimal guidance about, ‘bigger circular motions, a tiny bit harder, faster…’ and I was squirming and gasping and moaning and clutching things. Oh GOD.

I always found it difficult, (but not impossible) to come with someone else doing the handiwork. In fact, only Funzo Ex3 has been able to do it, and even then it wasn’t frequently. I just get impatient to come and offer to take over. Which I did last night, and oh my god. I didn’t black out, but there was some crying. (Fun Desci Fact! After a particularly strong orgasm, she sometimes passes out for a few seconds/minutes, or starts crying! How weird, eh? She doesn’t know why she does the crying thing, but they’re happy tears, so, so what!)

Oh! I forgot to mention. We both had our pants off, I was on my back, giving him a very-distracted handjob while he did his own handiwork on me, and I was so horny, I said, ‘should we just have sex already?’ Silence. ‘Ok, that’s a no then’ I said sheepishly, disappointed, but kinda relieved since we’ve not yet been checked out. (Yet another Desci Fun Fact! She can’t stand condoms, therefore prefers to be on the pill and have monogamous sex with a long-term partner, once they’ve both had a full STD check at the Action Centre! (Free checks for people under 25) She’s almost positive both her and Boyfriend are clean, but one must take precautions!)

Later, I was giving him a handjob/headjob, and I said, ‘I can’t believe how much I wanted you. We totally would’ve fucked!’

‘Oh god, I know’, said Boyfriend, ‘but then you said no.’

‘…?’ I said.

‘You said let’s do it, then I said ok, but then you said no’ Boyfriend told me.

So let’s recap: the only reason we didn’t fuck was because I mistook him saying yes, for a stony negative silence. Wow. Near miss? Or God telling us, ‘Hey, be cool and chill the fuck out, kids. God sez: “don’t fuck bareback til you know you’re both clean!” ‘ (Well, I’m pretty sure that what he’d say).

So then he came, we cuddled, I forced myself up and went home. But so loved-up right now. And, you know, horny as hell. Must have a toss before I go out tonight. Call it Medicinal Masturbation: If I don’t, I’ll be sleazy all night.

Desci’s weekend:

Tonight: Pre drinks @ Comic Writer Boy’s, then a’sorted @ planet cafĂ© Brunswick Street. Brit rock, Indie coolness all night. Such fun. And Hi-Skool’s coming! (Hope she’ll enjoy it; it’s not really her scene). Also, My cousin from Queensland, who I’ve not seen since about 97, is coming down, so she might come too! How cool. Haven’t spoke to her in years, but we used to be close. I hope she’s cool.

Tomorrow: Boyfriend doesn’t have to work anymore, so chilling at his.

Sunday: Fam thing. Boyfriend meeting most of my white trash side. Urg. At least my fuckwit biker cousin-in-law won’t be there. But neither will my amusingly crazy Doctor Shopper Uncle, so that’s a shame.

Euch, I’m just so happy right now.

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More Oz Ramblings said...

Hey, if he meets white trash family members and he sticks around, you've got a keeper! I've had to meet family in the past that I'd personally like recommend to the nuthouse and tolerated them with good humour, so you should be fine.