Monday, March 21, 2005

Weekend Stizzuff

Wellity, wellity well. Weekend was bliss.

Firstly, sorry about Saturday. I was in a total downer, spent most of the day crying and moping. No reason. It just happens sometimes. I suspect the pill and the oestrogen therein is really not good for my overly-testosteroned self. O well, there’s no other way to avoid pregnancy AND condoms, so two tears in a bucket, motherfuck it. So the entry was probably piss-poor too. I’m all better now, though. Sunshine, rainbows, etc.

On Saturday night, I was still quite melancholy, but Boyfriend was gorgeous. Went to Realm of the Senses film fest, which was lovely. I’m so gay for outdoor cinema. (And other things I thought are here).

When walked back to Boyfriend’s house, I was surly, since I thought after four hours’ sleep; he’d be too tired for bad stuff. But it turned out very well: blowjob, some fiddling for me (had my period, so he was barred from my lower half, as is my custom at that time of the month). Slept with lots of snuggling and grinning.

Went to a cool movie with Boyfriend’s friends on Sunday morning. The best bit was seeing Boyfriend’s name in the credits. Coolness. Then went to Krifi (nice cafĂ© outside Anderson Cinema – Victoria Gardens Richmond – best cinema in Melbourne).

Did some shopping. When we arrived back at his place, I dyed his hair. We want it blue black, but he may look too pale or washed out with sch a dark shade. I did it two shades darker brown, and it looks HOT. Really brings out the gorgeous greeny colour of his eyes. God, he’s sexy.

Hung out at his place, went to Pronto Bronto’s (vegan fast food – but sooooo good. Smith St, near Gertrude). Lectured ourselves about eating junk food. Did bad stuff, he asked me to sleep over, of course I said yes. He woke me up this morning, with a breakfast of strawberries with chocolate sauce and blueberries. He was late to work, but chose to spend another ten minutes with me. Sigh. He’s so into me.

Got in a taxi for home, then had just enough time to get ready for uni before Sunshine picked me up. Floated blissfully through uni. Boyfriend’s so cool.

Big-huge week this week. But you’ll hear about the good bits later.

Hopefully, tomorrow my period’ll stop, and there will be lots of sex. LOTS of sex. Lots. Of. Sex. (We’re both hanging out)

Don’t forget to vote in the 1900 Freakline Poll! It closes tomorrowish! (er, we’ll say Wednesday morning).


annoying customer said...

Yeah, Bonza idea there Einstein.
Perhaps it would have gone a little like this...
"Hey there Desci, i dont know your real name, just your handle. Im AC and i frequent your blog where you talk about your many adventures, sexual and otherwise. Including your boyfriends penis size.
Oh, and hi there Desci's boyfriend. You look mightily unimpressed..."


mnkymelbourne said...

yeah, sounds like an okay week end - sounds better than mine I replaced the eaves on my house - Desci - maybe not boyfriend but someone he works with could google the movie title to see what people are saying about it and BINGO!!! Penis size!

Anonymous said...

desci - I'm a long time lurker and a little word of warning.. i work in the film industry and could follow little clues (especially the TWO films you mentioned he's worked/working on) and find his identity... don't underestimate the powers of Very cool that he worked on House of Flying Daggers but not many people in Oz did and it's a VERY small industry. would hate to see you unmasked. hopefully he's too busy to go self googling etc.. be careful sweety. x

Anonymous said...

how do you have your period if you are on the pill?

mnkymelbourne said...

"how do you have your period if you are on the pill?" - $100 says 'anonymous' is a guy or a nun? You are kidding aren't you?

Anonymous said...

no i'm serious, the pill stops you from ovulating, wouldn't that mean you don't have your period?

Anonymous said...

anon - the internet is a wonderful learning tool. go forth and research. you do in fact have your period when taking the pill. you can of course skip a period or two if you don't take the sugar pills that are provided.

Anonymous said...

AC - er... you're right. I guess you couldn't've said hi. But didja see me?

Mnky and Anon - cheers for the words of warning. I'm not used to covering my tracks - Think I'll delete that film ref...I owe you several beers or blowjobs.

Pill anon - you get 28 pills, in a month's pack - one a day. seven of these are sugar pills, (so fake, they're just there to remind you to take one every day). When you take the 'fake' ones, you get a period. So on the pill, you get a very regular period, every month. :)

Desci xo