Friday, July 01, 2005


Ok. Yesterday: morning was bliss, afternoon was indifferent, evening wasn’t too good, night was awful.

Let’s start with morning, shall we?

Woke up and gave Boyfriend his presents. He knew about the Nine Inch Nails With Teeth Dual Disc (in Dolby 5.1 surround, droooooool) and vinyl, and Hand That Feeds two-track single, (he’s one of those fans that gets everything they release). He didn’t know about the cool Darth Vader talking money bank. So funny. You press the Star Wars logo, and his theme comes on. His chest lights up, he says a line, then weilds his lit-up light saber. Hee! I was gonna get him the ‘talk like Darth Vader’ mask, but

a) It was $99, and
b) He would’ve used it everywhere. And Darth Vader sex is too nerdy even for me.

So yeah. He told me about the TURNTABLE he wanted to get me, but had only managed to find in America (for a six month anniversary, we've gone overboard on the gifts. oh well, cool). Considering that he’s been working non stop, and we used his only day off for a fortnight trying to find it, I’m happy to wait. Plus he bought me flowers on Wednesday night. They were from the IGA down the road (he didn’t get out off work on Wednesday til about 11.30) and they’re a bit wilted-looking, He was apologetic, but I assured him I loved them.

So, back to Thursday. We read each other’s cards. I was scared, since I was expecting, at best ‘happy anniversary, honey! From Boyfriend’. But eeeeee!

Here’s what mine (a blank card with a cool spark/light design on the front) said:

Dear Boyfriend,

Happy six months! I’m so content in ‘us’ that it feels like longer, but the spark I get in my tummy every time I think of you makes it feel like much less.

Thank you for your friendship and your affection. You make me so happy.

Love Always,

Desci xxxx

Here’s what his (a pretty ‘thank you’ card with a butterfly on the front) said:


Happy 6 months and “thank you” (the thank you bit was printed on the card, he put it in quote marks) for being amazing.

When / how did you get SO AWESOME?!?* (* see note at bottom of post)

you make it so easy for me to get through the days. Even though I don’t tell you so. LOTS OF LOVE(underlined)

Boyfriend xoxo

And, in the blank bit in the middle of the card, circled, he wrote: Let’s make it work!

Typing that’s made me happy again.

I made him breakfast. Tentatively, I asked him about the ‘love’ thing, why he doesn’t say it, (can’t leave ‘well enough’ alone, can I?) and whether it’s because he doesn’t feel it. I kept freaking out and changing the subject, but it turns out that he’s just a little anxious about it, saying his feeling, etc, and it’s not that he doesn’t feel it. I don’t think. Anyway, upshot is, I’m more certain than ever that he feels it, it’s only a matter of time until he gets comfortable enough to express it in words (not on a page, that is). So, all good there. (And I know, had I said 'I love you', even maybe a few months ago, he would have most likely reciprocated, but it's really important to me that he says it first. No discussion there.)

Daytime I had a lot of pottering to do. His flatmates got back from their holiday, a day or two earlier that planned because they’ve found out that the house is being sold. They have 28-60 days, depending on the settlement. Anyone know of any good/big/cheap houses going around East Melbourne? Three responsible full-time workers are about to be made homeless. Anyway.

Started getting hungry around 7, messaged him to see if he’d be home for dinner. He said he didn’t know what was happening, the director was with him, it’d probably be a late one. So I had dinner, watched TV.

By about 11, I figured that he was gonna be too tired for sex when he got back, so I decided against changing into my black silky thing and kept on my Strongbad hoodie and pj pants.

Tired, emotional, disappointed, fell asleep in front of Arrested Development on his projector.

He came home a bit after 1am, I woke up, started crying a little, (damn hormones matched with tiredness, wrecks me every time) told him it was because I’d had a nightmare. There were lots of cuddles and sleep. Sometimes I hate his job. We’ve not had sex since Sunday, and I’ve been here all week. Too much of a rush/too tired in the mornings, we’re both too tired once he gets back home.

It’s only for another two days, then he finishes the big bit of this project.

Um… I had other stuff, too… oh! Oh, yeah, oh my god.

So I had a sleep in today, and was woken by a beeping from my Tamagotchi wanting attention. It was after 10, so I thought I’d better wake up anyway. (Teigan, this is a Tamagotchi spoiler, so you may wanna stop reading)

The screen showed Zondu, and another guy, (the weird, old, Mr Miyagi mustachioed-type bug). Then just Zondu with a book. ‘This is new’, I thought. Then another Tamagotchi came on the screen. ‘ah, you must be able to choose how you want the next age to look’. This one was pretty. I pressed a button.

- yes
- no

Well, sure, I love her. Love is good. Ok, ‘yes’, love.

Then the screen went all dark.

Hang on, they didn’t mean…

Then – no shit – fireworks.

Oh, my –

Now, next to Zondu, is a little baby boy. So I have two. I don’t get it. And the filthy girl slapper is gone, too. He’s only six! Zondu’s not ready to be a father!

So there you go.

* I think he got that line from here. Once, I mentioned I liked it. If he did, then butterflies abound.


teigan said...

'Grats on the 'versary.

Weird development on the tama front.

My Zooey has turned ugly. She now has big duck lips and a little stumpy tail. I don't know how this happened, I've been very conscientious. Still love her though. Just not quite as much.

skander said...

Always good to scope around 188 Hotham Street in East Melby. Rockin' house, always being rented.

Hambo said...

Back in the olden days when I was in canberra and seeing my ex, Good old Bitchface, I would have to ride to her place after work, and it would take 1 and a half hours. A real bitch, she would of just finished work, but she had the luxury of her parents picking her up. Either way, she would be tired and cranky after working 8 hours in a stinking Deli.

Only real times there was any action was the days off, and when she started cheating on me the 2nd time, I was lucky to get any.

Now Im lucky just to talk to a lady.

Hambo said...

Oh and I have good news, but you will have to tune into TSSH for that. But its good and wonderful news.

Desci said...

Jesus, Hambo. She sounds like such a bitch. But then again, I think we all need one of them to kind of wisen us up. Mine was Ex 2. And boy, was he a cunt.

Desci said...

(and cheers for the headsup on the news ;) xo

More Oz Ramblings said...

Why capitalise 'Turntable'? What are us vinyl listening people, weirdos? ;)

And why does the Darth Vader voice thing make me think of Mr. Lefty?

Cristopher Parman said...