Friday, July 08, 2005


Saw A Good Woman with Funzo Ex 3 last night. The movie was good, Funzo got a little annoying to the end.

We went to dinner beforehand, and I bumped into one of my favourite uncles. I was all… ‘Hi! Er, you remember Funzo, my ex-boyfriend? Yes, we’re uh, still friends’ luckily, during our brief conversation I also mentioned Boyfriend, so it’s all good.

Ooh! Picked up a hardcover copy of Tom Wolfe’s newish one, for $15. Nice. (Bookshop next to Borders in Carlton).

Weekend’s gonna be the usual Boyfriend Spectacular, with some other stuff (like me trying to make it to the Bill Henson exhibition one more time).

Oh! Two things:

An interesting thing about average penis size. Boyfriend’s normal, Funzo’s lucky. (Via Matisse)

Speaking of Funzo, I think he was a little miffed that I did so much for Boyfriend in the week I lived there. He sent me this message last week:

Hi Desci, when you’ve finished scrubbing the floors, preparing hubby’s roast and choosing the colour of the nursery, do you want to catch a movie?


Happy weekend, y’all.

(Also – Rebecca: I tried to email you, it bounced coz of the addy)


mnkymelbourne said...

"funzo" saw 2 good women then :)

Ben said...

Funzo needs to realise that humour often just sounds like bitchiness when written down. Like text messages. Or comments.

Er, shit.

Anonymous said...

I hope Boyfriend knew before hand that you were going out with Funzo... otherwise ...

flashman said...

Your dick link is broken. It should point here.

Desci said...

Mnky - naaaaaw, you! xo

Ben - Heh! I think that's one of his main problems.

Anon, and anyone else wondering - Yeah, it's cool, he knows we're still friends. Boyfriend also knows that he is the only guy I want, and that Funzo's a tool and I'm completely over him. So it's alllll good.

Desci said...

ooh - thankyou, flashman. xo