Friday, August 26, 2005



Firstly a big thanks you to all the guestposters. Weren’t they all fucking great? Every single one of ‘em was pure gold. And diverse! Ach, I’m so happy with how it turned out. And the biggest thank you goes to Teigan, who kept it all going. If you read MHF last week, you have him to thank for keeping it up and running. I so owe him beer and titty-pressing hugs (well, if he’s smart, he’ll push for oral, since really, he did do a fuckload of stuff for me. does it count as cheating if the deed is being used as currency? Hm… interesting).

Ok. My GOD, I have so much to tell you all. It’s gonna go on a bit in some places, coz I’m also using it as my personal diary of events, but I’ll put it in a few parts and try to keep it interesting.

Wednesday – We Met Trent!

The soundcheck was amazing. There were, like, thirty people there. We must’ve all looked a little shellshocked, because after the first song, Trent said ‘Don’t worry, it’s only me’. Nervous-grateful giggles all around.

After the sound check (in which they played Wish!!) I got my copy of the Fraggle (the Fragile) signed. The other guys signed inside, Trent did outside. I asked him to make it out to Desci, so it says:

Trent Reznor

Which I totally deserve. Hee! But yeah. Boyfriend got his LP copy of ‘Sin’ signed, which all the band members commented on. Trent said something like ‘whoa, that’s old’ and I think Boyfriend felt all 1337 and old-skool. It was so cute; he was jumping outta his skin, but acted soooo cool. He was all (manly voice) ‘G’day Trent’ and stuff. We didn’t get to talk to him much, but while stalling for time when taking a picture of him and Boyfriend, I blurted out ‘We’re going to all your Australian shows!’ he said ‘Great!’ or similar. He was quite pleasant but very, very mellow. And nuggetty! SO Henry Rollins’ weird cousin.

During the soundcheck, I was checking out the hot bassist (or guitar? I dunno. Something guitar-shaped with strings, the number of which I was too dazed to ascertain) thinking he looked familiar. Then when he was coming closer to us in the line for signing, I said to Boyfriend ‘I’m SURE he’s in A Perfect Circle…’ I was too shy to ask him. Wish I’d done my research beforehand, coz it turns out it was fucking Jeordie White, aka Twiggy Ramirez from Marilyn Manson (meh) and A Perfect Circle (eee! One of my faves. Had I known I coulda bought my two APC cds! Grrr). But anyway. He was hhhot.

So then Boyfriend and I got the green armbands for the D-barrier, and hung out for the next couple of hours. I’ve never seen him that hyper, twas so gorgeous.

Met up with friends, saw the concert. It fucking rocked. Bumped into Alternaboy, an acquaintance from uni. He’s kinda cool, but one of those ‘more alternative than thou’ guys, which is funny coz I can usually best him in an indie pissing contest. Anyway, we were talking afterwards, he took his earplugs out to put back in their ouch, and fucking licked them clean. Off our looks, he said, ‘I know, it’s a bit gross’. Boyfriend and I were all ‘!’. Grossest thing I’ve ever, ever seen.

Spent Thursday packing, left on a jetplane hideously early Friday morning. More tomorrow, there’s a fuckload to get through.


claire said...

WOW!! I lurk here a bit (and am a fraidy cat about leaving comments) and ... MY BF WAS THERE TOO!!! hehehe. he was all giggly and had a dumb grin plastered on his face when I saw him afterwards. I'd totally sex Trent .. and I didn't even meet him!!!

Hambo said...

Let me be the first to say, Welcome back Desci!

teigan said...

Let me be another. I'm so jealous you met Twiggy. There was a time when I had a huge (nb: non-sexual) crush on Twiggy.

Monica said...

Missed you!

Desci said...

Naaaaw! Thanks, everyone. keeses to all xo