Friday, September 02, 2005

Back! VI

Tuesday - Movieworld

Morning, trained to Gold Coast. Had the worst luck with public transport, got to Movieworld at around one. Was coughing all day.

Movieworld’s pretty naff. Some fun rides, but… you know. The only picture we took was of Boyfriend looking puzzled at a bin painted like a barrel. I think that’s a metaphor for the place. Lethal Weapon rollercoaster’s fun, but the scariest ride is the Scooby Doo one. It starts off as a normal ghost train, then veers unexpectedly into rollercoaster land.

The best thing about our time at the themeparks was that we were blissfully in off peak time. That meant cues no longer than, like, five minutes. We stayed on the roadrunner rollercoaster about three times because there were only a couple of other people wanting to get on.

So once we were over Movieworld, we went to get a taxi. Two taxi drivers were talking, one said, ‘honeymooners, eh?’ I said, ‘um… kind of’ and in the maxi taxi back to our hotel at Surfer’s Paradise we were giggling and the jolly female driver told us to ‘hold on, we’ll be there in a minute, behave!’

Despite the name, our hotel was gorgeous: the Australis Sovereign. During our stay, and at Movieworld, too, we noticed there were heaps and heaps of Muslim people around. Was it a holiday?

Anyway. We chilled out in our room for a bit, then went downstairs for a pretty average dinner with some nice cocktails. Then we went swimming for a bit, got back to our room, had a shower and ordered some wine and cheese room service. Last Man Standing happened to be on, so we watched it. The Maid Marion chick’s tits got us in the mood, so we bought an adult movie. Big mistake. It was so ick! R-rated for one, which sucked, and… I dunno. It’s the first porn that hasn’t really turned me on. There was a chick-chick scene, which was ok.

So we started fooling around, and then I got on top of him (sideways to the bed, so we could still watch the porn) it was feeling amazing and I was about to come… when I pulled a muscle in my calf. You know that one, that when you’re dehydrated or over tired, that kind of twists and it’s the worst pain ever? well, ow. OOOOW. So we had to stop for a second. Got back on and had a nice orgasm, then we had some frustrating doggy, because of the bed. All in all, the Holiday Sex was pretty average, coz of the weird mattresses, me being sick and Boyfriend having a bruised knee.

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dollop said...

You suck. 'round the corner, with better cocktails, places, people AND mattresses and nary a call. Sob.

Yup. Weird place Greater Brisvegas, isn't it?