Saturday, September 03, 2005

Back! VII

Wednesday – the Last Day!

So we had a nice sleep (I only coughed a little) and woke up in the morning for the buffet breakfast. And what a buffet. Hot food, cold food, pasties, the works. We had a leisurely breakfast, but then I left Boyfriend there coz he was a little distant (a couple of times during the holiday, I kind of felt he wasn’t 100% happy joy) so I thought he’d want some him time. Plus I really needed to go to the bathroom, and start getting ready if we were gonna get out in time for our 11am checkout. So he kept eating and I went up and started getting ready.

We just made the checkout and then went to Dreamworld.

AKA the Best Place on Earth.

Went on as many rides as we could. Saw the tigers. Was mildly interested in the Big Brother House. My Top Five Rides:

The Claw: Basically a massive swing on steroids. We rode it, I was all, ‘Again! Again!’ but then I kind of broke Boyfriend coz after the second time he had to have a sit down. He’s awesome with rides, but no one can match my stamina for spinny fast things. So I went on two rides by myself (one LITERALLY by myself, as in, there was no one else on it. Which was unmentionably odd).

The Cyclone: Fun rollercoaster, Boyfriend’s fave. Loopy upside down fun, but my boobs hurt from the harness thing.

Thunder River Rapids Ride: a nice little calm boat ride. Pleasant despite the wet arse.

Tower of Terror: the only ride we had time to do twice. I’ve been on before (when it just, just opened) and wow it’s cool. The best bit about it is the element of surprise. ‘Head back, enjoy the ride VVVVROOOOM!’ and straight away you’re at 157 kph. Which freaks you out coz you’re used to rides starting slowly and then…

The Drop: Oh my fucking god!!! Just some ride that takes you to the top of the Tower of Terror, then fucking DROPS YOU SO YOU FREEFALL at like 100-something ks for a few storeys. Boyfriend wasn’t gonna go on. Then at the last minute he did. Which was good, since once the ride got to the top I SHIT myself. I think I blacked out for the start, coz I can just remember the middle bit of the drop, tensed up, noiseless mouth opened wide in shock. Most intense ride I’ve ever been on. Afterwards, once we stopped our hysterical giggling, I mentioned to Boyfriend that now I’d fulfilled my fantasy of knowing what it’d be like to fall from a huge height. He told me he’d just killed his vertigo, which I didn’t know he suffered from. What a trooper. But yeah, we were so glad we went on that ride. Wow. Fucking wow.

We bought some candy, some pretty shiny dragon postcards, I bought a pretty clear green stone, and I had to get a lameass Tiger Island hat coz of the sun… which I made Boyfriend wear so I could wear his cool hat.

So we tore ourselves away from dreamworld, took the shuttle bus to the train station, and trained it to the airport. I was all, ‘fuck me, an hour-and-a-half on the train!’ but it went quickly.

Airport, plane home, free wine which I only had time to drink one of (but got a little tipsy coz I’m a bloody lightweight when it comes to wine).

We were cuddling up on the plane. I was kind of sitting cuddled in front of him, his head at the back of my head. ‘Tell me something sweet’ I said to him, ‘something that’ll make my toes curl when I’m alone tonight’.

‘How about I Love You’ He murmured into the back of my head.

I turned to him. ‘I love you too’. And we kissed and cuddled and as I snuggled into him, trying to contain my insane grin, I felt some wee little tears prick my eyes.


Matt said...

Aww that's bewdiful! I'm welling up! So. Sweet. :)

Ben said...

That's nice, but it leaves a kind of NutraSweet aftertaste in my mouth...

Nah, it's great - sound like you have a fun time. On a different note when I was first scanning your post I noticed "The Cyclone: Fun rollercoaster" and thought you were writing about something else entirely.

naridu said...

Oh I wanna wanna wanna go! Big whirly-spinny rides are my favourites, it sucks that melbourne has so few of these things.

And gee you two are sugar-pie cute, but not overly saccherine, more caramel toffey goodness than the hard-boiled sweet affect. I hope that makes sense to more than one person than myself.

Anonymous said...

Wow, another long-awaited moment in the life of Desci. Way to go! Now all we have to look forward to is your escape from that hellish call centre, and finishing uni.