Friday, September 23, 2005


Crappy weekend coming up. Homework tonight and Saturday, seeing Boyfriend Saturday night and Sunday. Bah.

I keep thinking this week is next week.

I have the BIGGEST crush on this guy in my fiction class. It’s so embarrassing. I always act like a fuckwit in front of people I like. Junior pointed out that it was obvious I was besotted, as when I was talking to him I did my ‘Desci has a crush on someone’ voice, which is apparently softer and more girly than my regular voice. I probably lower my voice coz I’m scared I’m going to make a dickhole outta myself. But yeah, I love the fact that she noticed that about me, hee.

Despite being in one relationship or another for my entire degree (well, Funzo then Boyfriend… wow) I get little crushes on one or two people per semester. I’ve only had three or four bigguns, and this is, like, the second biggest one.

Meh, I'll get over it.


Caz said...

Have scalpels been used yet?

shrover said...

Hate the 'can't talk properly round people you're attracted to' thing. WTF? Anti-evolutionary isn't it?

I also get a 'can't talk properly round celebrities' thing which shits me. But it happens less often. Last celebrity I had to meet (David bloody beardy Stratton) I just didn't speak, for fear of incomprehensibly muttering utter crap.

Adam 1.0 said...

And how far are you from the hot three way? That promises to be the blog post of the millenium.

Desci said...

Caz - give me time, give me time.

Shrover - the FUCK?! I get that with celebs too! If you wanna read something funny, go look at my regurgitator post in mid/late december, in which I make an arse of myself doing nothing when my favourite singer of all times comes up and dances with me. Bah!

1.0 - just give me time. we should try and get it sponsored. wouldn't it be fucking HOT?

Adam 1.0 said...

Maybe Blogger could fork out some dollars to sponsor it? Then you could tailor the third party to your specific needs.

shrover said...

Fuck Desci I read the Regurgitator post if I ever met a celebrity I actually LIKED I'd be brainfucked ever worse than that. I could feel every syllable (is that possible?) of that post.

If they could make ammunition from the sense of self-loathing you get when that happens, you'd have a pretty potent weapon.