Friday, September 09, 2005

Happy Friday!

Lovely weather last night. Cold wind and spiringy, nice coz it wasn’t humid. It reminded me of this time last year.

Boyfriend and I were in our ‘barely legal year’ as we call it. See, we’ve been friends since 2000. I’ll tell you the story one day, but for now, let’s just say we weren’t really courting until 2003 (when I was still with Funzo Ex 3, but hey, we kept it legal… barely).

One afternoon we met after work to see the band in the bubble (my favourite band, LIVING IN MY CITY CENTRE? God, I spent so much time there). So we looked, then he took me to that swishy restaurant at the top end of Bourke Street (Bokeda? Something)

Anyway, we had a gorgeous dinner and a bottle of wine, (he paid), then we went back to the bubble, then hung out at his place for awhile. It was such a perfect evening.

There’s this quote, ‘unrequited love is fabulous. It never has to change, it never has to grow, it never has to die’. And it was so exciting then, getting to know him better, knowing-but-maybe-not-but-pretty-much-knowing he was into me, etc.

Having said that, hearing him say ‘I love you’ and assuming that we’ll spend every weekend together having sex and enjoying each others company? Fucking rocks.

God, I love him. I really should get onto getting fit and being the piece of hotness he deserves.

Anyway. Fun weekend coming up. Going to some place in Flinders Lame tonight, to unfortunately say goodbye to HiSkool’s boyfriend (he goes to Hahvard in the US). But I haven’t been drunk with Hiskool in a long time. And she’s just such an awesome person; I love her.

So that, then on Saturday it’s Boyfriend’s housewarming.

Sunday it’s sitting in bed going ‘uuuuuhhh’. But in the hangover way, not in the fun way. (Besides, I’ve got my period. Dear fucking god, doesn’t it feel like it’s every fucking fortnight? And I even skipped it last time! God damn).


Hambo said...

D00D I was like almost so NEAR the bubble. I mean, the Gurge were in there being l337 and playing Halo 2 on their Dev Kit Xboxes and I was at the Center of the moving image for a halo 2 doco and also a Halo 1 Lan torny. I was also wearing my tshirt too

Im such a nerd.

saige said...

but hey! i was working on a doco about the bubble! good times... a paid trip to Melbourne - from Brisbane - to spend most days hanging out near the bubble, talking to people.

If you were there all the time, did i interview you? or ask to interview you? what a shame it was before i'd discovered this blog, or i could have played guess-the-desci.

Desci said...

Hambo - I really don't think I could love you more. nerd. xoxo

Saige - nope, was never interviewed.... i don't think...

Hambo said...

Oh Shucks