Sunday, September 04, 2005

Since the Holiday

Not much.

After Dad picked us up from the airport on Wednesday night, he told me Mum'd been in hospital. Crash back down to the fucking real world, eh? So Thursday I was a little concerned, but she's ok, just has a cyst on her ovaries.

Last-last Thursday Night was the Suicide Girls DVD Launch. Boyfriend and I went, thanks to the radiant Ladycracker. Voodoo Trash Dolls Burlesque Troop played. Basically hot alterna-chicks choreographed to Marilyn Manson. It was the best thing I've ever seen in my entire life. Ever.

Um... what else? Basically been fucking busy with uni. Oh! The Saturday after holidays, Boyfriend was over, we were watching porn but couldn't really get into it (more about that mid week!). I got my little purple buzzy toy out. My favourite little vibrator, it's shaped like this:


a soft silicone ring (to fit around a cock) with a little nubbly bit for clitoral stimulation. So I put it on Boyfriend. Thus far, vibrators kind of creep him out, in a 'weird-weird' way (as in, 'it feels weird!' 'does it feel good-weird or bad-weird?' 'weird-weird!'

So he was hard, and I lowered myself onto him and the buzziness. Though it restricted how deep he was (so he felt 'shorter') the vibey sensation was lovely. I kept riding him, and eventually I could feel an orgasm building, it wasn't a particularly strong one, but it felt so amazing to come while just having sex, not having to pause for manual stimulation. I didn't think I'd done this with Funzo Ex3, but there was a sense of familiarity in the coming, so maybe I had? But wouldn't I remember?

Anyway. After I came (it... uh... didn't take long. As per) I was all 'turn it off! Turn it off!' (sensitive). Verdict: Vibrator Sex is a lovely sometimes thing. But remember kids, try to use your vibrator as part of a balanced manual masturbation diet, lest you become dependant on it to climax. True; I've heard of it happening.

What else has been up? Nothing really. Saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, that was AWESOME and wonderful. Very different to other movie adaptation. The oompa loompa songs are superior in the old one, but besides that, I prefer the new all the way. Johnny Depp is funny creepy. Gene Wilder is creepy creepy.

Happy fathers day to all the dads. My parents aren't religious, so they take days like these to worship themselves. Bah. Well, they do deserve it. I made dad two terrible, terrible cds of songs he loves, got him a 'weekend getaways' book and a little scapegoat kit (a box with a tiny stuffed goat and some pins. i though it was a dad thing). Since I'm the oldest, it's my job to do all the present finding. at least my younger sibling pays me back. Apparently that's rare. Anyway! So Father's Day funderfulness, then I might try to sneak off and see Angie Hart. I'm doing the Australian Idol recap on Spin Starts Here, so I'm entrusting my VCR to tape it from Digital teev. First time I'm doing it. Please work please work please work.

Oh! Yesterday afternoon sex was lovely. After a session in the morning, we pottered, watched Arrested Development until we were horny again. Normal him on top til I came, but then, when we switched to doggy, it was so intense. He may have been a little bigger than usual and he was pounding very hard, but mmmmmm it was good. Sigh. I miss him already.

Been with the fam all day. Good grief, Dad's had, like, SIX hashcakes since he got up this morning. He's now all vague, with a touch of the Ozzies about him. He's listening to Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' and getting all into it. Sigh.

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The Student said...

I prefer the new all the way. Johnny Depp is funny creepy. Gene Wilder is creepy creepy.

If I made laws I'd make it illegal to print that sort of SLANDER.

Viva Wilder!