Saturday, September 10, 2005

So Ask Me, Ask Me, Ask Meee…*

I’ve been asking a lot of you guys lately. (By the way - I still don’t know what I’m doing with my life, and your suggestions have been golden. Please feel free to add others, no, really. Just have a look and see if you have two cents to put in).

I always love the frequent comments that make me laugh or provide me with useful information. So, as a thank you, I’m just reiterating something I’m sure I’ve said before: you know you guys can ask me anything. So gaun, ask and I shall answer. Dying to know anything specific?

* What’s the bet only one person got my smiths reference.


Saturday Night Fiver said...

Dear Desci,

However shall I win the romantic affections of a buck-toothed girl in Luxembourg?


Saturday Night Fiver

Adam 1.0 said...

Hah! I'm famous. Ask, however, is nowhere near my favourite Smiths song. Probably not in the top 30.

shrover said...

If you need the bomb to bring you together, your relationship is in some difficulties.

Sad that the first three posters know the Smiths intimately. Or as intimately as you can get without receiving gladioli from Morrissey. Not sure what that says about your readers, Desci.

Caz said...

Hmm, questions eh?

How about 'what is the air speed velocity of a fully laden swallow?'

OMG I'm ashamed to be on teh interweb.

Hambo said...

African or European?

Ahhh Desci, the good times are over.

Rudy Zarsov said...

I've just read TSSH and it pupports to have a pic of you in the shower. Is that REALLY you? and if it is can I have the phone no of the read head with you?

insertnamehere said...

Desci, what's your take on the Arian heresy which divided the early Christian church in the fourth century?

Adam 1.0 said...

Do you think Mabel winning the 1995 King of the Ring was symptomatic of the general malaise WWF, and indeed the entire wrestling industry, was suffering at that point?

Stubbadub said...

If that picture at TSSH was really you, how the hell to you manage to get your cat in the shower without it ripping you to shreds?

shrover said...

I gotta question!

What do wimmin mean when they say "you're very charming"?

I'm thinking it means 'you're trying very hard and it's almost, but not quite, working.'


Desci said...

Fuckoff, smartarses. xo

Shrover - with me, it either means 'you intimidate the hell out of me with your charm and magnetism, and I'm handling it badly. But I quite like you'. OR, 'I'm kind of interested, but in some ways you creep me out'. Mostly the former.