Thursday, September 29, 2005


A few weeks ago, my friend Paleboy invited me to a midnight screening of Serenity, the Firefly movie. It was last night...


Great movie though, and worth rejecting a free ticket to garbage (they’re, you know, ok) from an old friend who called me at 9.

So anyway. Dear god, the nerds. Not my kind of nerds either, but spazz nerds. You know the ones. Lots of velvet, frumpy long hair, overweight, fantasy novels, bad skin. One spazz nerd is fine, great, let’s have a conversation. An entire room of them is… a bit much.

You know what I hate about myself? I’m so fucking contrary sometimes. Like, if they were all trendsters I would’ve shifted into a more nerdy gear. Anyway.

Got my first rejection letter for a job on Monday night. That (well, not so much that, but the idea of having to find a job in such a competitive industry) coupled with all the other tiny shitty things, I had one of those crappy meltdown days yesterday that one wastes just sobbing. But I was ok at night, and it was great to see Paleboy. I do so adore him. (Though he narrowly misses out on the list of ‘the five non-family people for whom you’d shiv somebody: Hi-Skool, Jaxx, Sunshine, Junior, Lankyboy, Curly, Comic Writer Boy, Dreds… hm, top 8).

Anyway. So the movie was good. He drove me from my house (a stone’s throw from Stablands… I mean Northland, not that I ever go there, coz, brrr) to the movie at Southland, then back. Awww. (And no, perves, it wasn’t because he wanted to fuck me, he’s got a lovely girlfriend).

So yeah. Good night. Free drinks at call centre job tonight with Dreds.

THEN, after my driving lesson on Friday, I am going to start my fiction. I am. Shut up, I am. Oh, what the hell do you know?


shrover said...

Keep all your rejection slips. I kept my job rejection slips for years but they got a bit old. But I've kept all the rejection slips for all them Great Australian Novels I've written.

The best response to a roomful of geeks is to loudly say 'of course, the Buffy movie was in every way superior to that awful TV spin-off they did." I find that gets 'em going.

Jeremy said...

Hey! Those are geeks with taste. Firefly was brilliant.

Hambo said...

Those are the worst nerds. I went to a Halo Lan Comp at the "Center of The Moving Image" and it was a room full of that kind of nerd, I felt out of place, there was more oil in that room than it take to fuel all of china.

I was worried that would be the kind of person that would of been at the Midnight launch of Halo 3 at the Burrah Plaza. Amazingly it was mostly Guys wearing Holden and Ford jumpers talking about cars. I thought I was at the wrong midnight launch.

Rubydot said...

Desci, were you secretly a bit of a spazzy nerd in your teenage years? Go on, tell us the truth.

shrover said...

It's also fun to casually note 'DS9 was great - fuck I hate how that dick ripped it off for Babylon 5.'

Although that was a different talentless geek cunt to Joss Weed-on.

mnkymelbourne said...

Desci - just between you and me - this thing is a private email isn't it? - anyhoo - I 'attended' to Thornbury High and Preston East Tech (next to Northlands)

The Other Guy said...

Naridu and I are planning on seeing Serenity tonight. We are a little wary of the whole spazzy nerd thing.. ever since we saw Kung-Fu Hustle a few weeks back.

Monash Uni Clayton students would be familiar with the hard core spazzy nerds who sit huddled around their laptops, playing Magic: The Gathering at the corner table in the West End Caf. Imagine a whole cinema of them and you can understand what Desci is talking about :)

TimT said...

Will your fiction be a work of tears, triumph and tragedy, relating the sordid but strangely beautiful history of a Parisian whore who has made it her mission in life to assassinate Napoleon, because of a great wrong he has done to her family, but in which her scheme all comes undone because of an unfortunate pact with the devil?

If so, then I'd read it!

Also, I've been planning to see Serenity. Will do it on Sunday!

Desci said...

Shrover: Careful! I'm still a nerd and WILL kick your arse for Whedon blasphemy!

Mrlefty: WASN'T it though? I'm going again and dragging Boyfriend along.

Hambo: you forgot the 'X' variable, 'X' being the Bogan Element in Burra

Rubydot: I don't know what you're talking about/shut up/look over there is that a zepplin?!

(ok, seriously coz I'm a little tipsy: even worse, though i wasn't one I THOUGHT PEOPLE LIKE THAT WERE COOL)

Mnky: bahahahahahah that explains it. :P

The Other Guy: Hee! Hope you both like it. But wow, that'd be intense nerddom. @ Freakin, we only have crappy business students and crappier drama students.

TimT: More a funny story about a guy with a beestinger as a metaphor for exploration women emasculating their partners in traditional modern hetro r'ships. But, you know, same diff.

Hambo said...

Ah yes, I forgot about the X factor in the equation. That being said, after walking the whole 45 minutes there, 40 odd minutes in line, then another 45 minutes walking back home. I went home to play the game for 4 days straight. Im still playing it. But back then, I had taken holidays for a computer game. How nerdy is that?

naridu said...

ah yes, the nerd brigade and their noisy spawn out to watch a 9:15 movies (shit I forgot it was school holidays)...but the best/worst? Hearing the cheers and sniggers during a trailer for of all things, Doom. Dear god! The clip even had the whole point and shoot gameplayer vision crap!

Desci said...

Hambo - that's so nerdy that hearing that makes my nipples like pebbles. :P

Naridu - hehe, doom. Sounds like such, SUCH a bad idea.

sussy said...

"Lots of velvet, frumpy long hair, overweight, fantasy novels, bad skin."

Well, I could've fit right in!