Saturday, October 15, 2005


So, let's get this straight. At the moment I am:

- Finishing three major assignments, all to be submitted by the 20-somethingith of October
- Trying to find work, ANY work, in the editing and publishing industry
- Trying to put together a thesis idea / application for honours next year
- researching the honours programmes at both Melbourne and Freakin Deakin to see which one will be better for editing
- Working two jobs, one at the fucking call centre, and t'other at my retarded from home phone job. Both of which are busting my chops for more hours. A-hahaha.
- Doing driving lessons and trying to have a modicum of social life/time with Boyfriend so I don't go INSANE
- trying to work on some copywriting stuff I've been commissioned to do

Oh, and did I mention….

- organising a Spoken Word Night for end of semester, pretty much single-handedly, which includes making the zine programme for the night (thank god Sunshine's helping me), chasing up the eight other writers for their pieces and bios, writing my own little piece and bio, doing the running order, liaising with the venue, etc, etc.

Fuck's sake. So, um, posting may or may not be a little insane until the end of Fockedtober.


Hambo said...

good luck with everything Desci. Just take each day at a time. One thing one by one. Pretty much rocktober will be over real soon. Oh and don't forget to do your tax if you havn't done so already. Did mine at 4am this morning and lodged it to the tax department.

My estimate is $80 refunded. Fuckers.

naridu said...

My current mantra - three more weeks, three more weeks... oh shit, hang on, it's only two now isn't it. Bugger.

teigan said...

Hang in there babe

Your commitment to your blog under adversity puts me to shame..

Caz said...

Hamswah, you need to find more shit to claim as deductions, n00b. Have I taught you nothing?

You need a sweet gig like mine. Working from home most of the time since March I can apportion the costs of electricity, gas, landline, intermanet access, the Flexirent on the laptop, mortgage repayments etc etc as a % because they are now considered "legitimate business expenses" because my home is also my office. AHAHAHA TAX OFFICE IS PWNED! Not so great on the coming tax return, but the one next year will be BITCHIN'!

Desci your "retarded home phone job" might come in handy for similar reasons. Give it a whirl.

Caz. Dispensing helpful taxation advice since 1997 when the cunts audited me and I vowed revenge.

teigan said...

My return this year was, quite unexpectedly, -$60.


Alex said...

Yeah, i only post when im procrastinating.

Rudy Zarsov said...

So...I take it that you have some spare time to help me clean the shit out of my dog yards, help me crutch my sheep and then sit on my verander drinking scotch and cokes and watch the grass grow?
The round trip is only 5 hours from Melbourne, so when can I expect you???

Hambo said...

Im not considered a low income earner anymore :(

I claimed everything I could, even laundry of my work clothes.

Desci said...

Cheers for the support, guys. I guess it takes the sting out of it a little when i get SEVEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY THREE DOLLU back on tax. (It's called having an accountant and taxing your youth allowance to breaking point).

word verification: vaxooo. I like.

shrover said...

I get an $800+ bill every year cos I loathe the private health insurance industry with a passion and refuse to give them a single cocking cent.