Sunday, October 09, 2005

I Got Nuthin’.

Nothing much to report. Boyfriend’s gone to work; he’s coming over to see me later. Jewel’s on ABC 2 at the moment, love it. I don’t care that she made a dick of herself later in her career with that ‘intuition’ song; she was lovely for a good while.

That new ‘pub’ near the new cinema @ Melbourne central? Great parmas.

Went drinking with Comic Writer Boy and that group on Friday. Then we went to A’sorted. Good fun, but I accidentally got too drunk on cheapass vodka we’d smuggled in (hey, I’m ghetto poor a the moment, leave me alone). I was fine til the damn taxi home. Tuuurning, tuuuurning, breeeak, aaaacclerate, queeeasy.

At least I made it to my toilet @ home, very impressed about that. But ew, cheap nasty oj and cheaper, nastier vodka. The acid, it burns on the way up. Eeew.

So quite hungover for the first part of yesterday. But it’s all good.

God, I’m boring at the moment. You know what’s rule? If I knew what I was doing next year and/or with my life. That’d be ace.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about another Desci Dream Job.


Hambo said...

mmmmmm vodka

Rigo Bear said...

At least you earnt your hangover. I had one - I repeat, one! - glass of red wine last night and I feel like absolute shit today. Perhaps because I never drink and my liver doesn't know how to process it! Stupid liver.

I'm going back to bed now to lie in the foetal position and murmur softly to myself. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Desci!

Kartar said...

Oh I hate that cheap-arse vodka reflux feeling. My commiserations.

teigan said...

You called me wrong for flirting with Missy Higgins but you like Jewel?! You're fired!

Jess said...

Oooh. New pub? Know the name? Might head down there if i ever get to Melbourne.

I'd be happy to share my wonderful 3L bottle of Smirnoff with you =O