Monday, November 21, 2005


Weekend nice, but snagged by several instances of Insane Hormonal Depression.

Friday was drinks with Comic Writer and some other lovely people. I had a ninety minute driving lesson with my parents on Saturday. It was the first time since I started having lessons that I drove with them, and I did ok, thank Christ. Hopefully I’ll be going for my licence around late January.

Saturday my friend Lankyboy had his 21st. I had a cocktail party in Eltham and PhD Boy’s Birthday in Collingwood, but Lankyboy lives in fucking FERNTREE GULLY so the other two were a bit of an impossibility.

But the party was good, save for his bogan high school friends. Seriously, does anyone not have one or two friends from high school (or a whole group) that they’re embarrassed by? Oy.

So anyway, it was great hanging out with the complete ‘set’ of my uni friends, it’s kinda rare. So it was a lovely night. Except for two things: Boyfriend accidentally getting caught up talking to this total wankstain who treated pcs and macs like fords and holdens. This bogan heard him say ‘firewire’ and suddenly Boyfriend was cornered. Bogan was saying stuff about how ‘you’ll never see a mac fix-it guy’ and I said, ‘well, I don’t know much about it, but perhaps in the next couple of years it’ll become more prevalent. Since a couple of years ago only a few industries used macs, and now because they’re so sexy everyone has them, so there’ll be more of a market for it?’ and he was all, ‘nah, nah. It’s just that macs never break down’ Okaaay.

Then I mentioned something to Boyfriend about a blog, and Bogan said, ‘you’re not a blogger, are you? What a waste of time’ I said, ‘actually, no. it’s the exact opposite of a waste of time. I get to express my thoughts to be criticised and challenged by an independent audience (which broadens my knowledge and helps me challenge my own opinions), I get the gratifying, narcissistic little high of having people be interested in my inane little thoughts, I get people giving me advise and telling me about things I wouldn’t have otherwise discovered, and, not least of all, I’ve made the equivalent of nearly three weeks’ pay doing ad copy because someone found my site and liked the tone’.

And he was all, ‘how much did you make? And how long have you done it? And how many hours a week do you do it? So it works out, as, like, making a dollar a minute! It’s a waste of time.’

‘Right. You’re completely right. I won’t do it anymore.’ I said, and turned to my friends and joined their conversation. What a cocktard.

Anyway. We drank more, we laughed, and then Jaxx, Sunshine (driver), Junior, Boyfriend and I drove home, stopping at maccas. And it was tasty as all drunk junk food is. And I went home and threw it right back up like most drunken junk food. I was at Boyfriend’s bathroom sink, thinking, ‘well, ate junk food, but threw it up. I guess that cancels each other out, then’ urg.

TONIGHT! Me, Caz, and a special guest are going to be doing an Australian Idol Last Episode Spectacular! Look out for it on Spin Starts Here.

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Jellyfish said...

perhaps because I was so snappy with him on Saturday. he kept tweaking my nipple, it got annoying

*cracks up*