Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Ladycracker tagged
me on this meme. Now, I don't do them often so just indulge me. Mine's
nowhere near as fascinating as her's.

You've come a long way, baby.

10 Years Ago:
I was about to turn fourteen. Just finishing year seven and finally
making tolerable friends. I thought masturbation was gross, and
obsessed over what it would be like to kiss a boy. My sexual awakening
hadn't started to begin. I listened to Madonna, Arrested Development,
and Frenté, and I loved reading Christopher Pike books. I wanted to be
'a lawyer or an author'.

5 Years Ago:
I was a virgin in my first year of uni, doing media at La Trobe. I was
waiting to get accepted into marketing at RMIT, where I was going to
study marketing for three years and then get a 45k+ marketing job. I
liked drinking, going clubbing with my high school friends, and
hanging out with my uni 'friends', acquaintances I'd latch onto at bar
night who were all older and into politics and effortlessly cool. I
had an obsessive, all-consuming crush on a boy I'd done radio with. I
was living at home, since I figured that was the most sensible option,
to live at home til as old as possible and save money. I was
desperately lonely and wanted a partner more than anything in the

1 Year Ago:
I had just moved into my grandmother's house after living in share
houses in Kew and Richmond, each for a year. I was drifting away from
my boyfriend of over two years. Our relationship was dying its natural
death, plus he refused to sleep with me in my grandmother's house
(despite her assurances that it was ok). The crush on the radio boy
had never really gone away, and that year he started showing interest
in me. I wanted to break up with my partner and go to him, but I
wasn't positive he liked me and I didn't want to be alone. About two
weeks after I broke up with my partner the radio boy ended up asking
me to be his girlfriend, when we went away for New Year's together. I
love him more than I've ever loved anyone else.

Five Yummy Things
Greek stirfry (my signature dish), the berry cheesecake @ Retro, Lying
in bed next to Boyfriend after not seeing him for a week, Vodka and
share house juice (mildura coconut pineapple juice: when I was little
I always assiociated it with sharehouse living for some reason), Salt
and vinegar Rix dipped in low fat kraft macaroni and cheese (both
products now defunct).

Five songs I know by heart:
A selection of what must be a list of hundreds (if not thousands. No,
really, I tend to remember lyrics even of songs I don't really like or
don't hear often). I'm gonna be lazy and just pick the next 5 songs on
my iPod that I know by heart.
- C'mon! C'mon! – the Von Bondies
- 100 Fresh Disciples – Machine Gun Fellatio
- All of This – Blink 182
- Absolutley Cuckoo –Magnetic Fields
- Pizza Tran –The Vandals

Five things I would do with a LOT of money:
- Do part-time honours in creative non-fiction, while trying to get published,
and become a writing tutor at uni
- Buy a house with a studio for Boyfriend in the basement and an
office / library for me and all my books on the top floor… and room
for a Staffie named Gavin/Chow Chow named Manfred/Rottweiler named
- Give my parents enough money so they can spend their 50s/60s
travelling around Australia, or whatever they want to do
- Buy my brother the bitchingest, most fuck-offingest FWD for his camping trips
- Buy a block of apartments so my favourite friends could live there rent free
- Travel, follow more bands around (Strokes, NIN, They Might Be Giants…)
- Commission everyone involved in Arrested Development to make more
episodes, to be aired on the TV station I'd buy (same goes for futurama)

Five things I would never wear:
- Anything without sleeves
- Sportswear as fashion
- Hipster pants
- G strings
- Anything figure-hugging

Five favourite TV shows:
- Arrested Development
- Futurama
- Scrubs
- Buffy/Angel
- Family Guy/American Dad

Five things I enjoy doing:
- Going to concerts
- Boyfriend (geddit? hurhurhur)
- Being with my friends
- Meeting new people who turn out to be worth my time
- Getting drunk and going dancing

And one I'll put in:

Five things that’ve shit me in the last 24 hours

- Responsibility / pc illiterate parents. Helping my mum find a job is possibly my worst task at the moment.

- Girls who get Hindi tattoos and don’t know what they mean. Also, most girl with lower back tattoos. This young girl at work just got some reasonably cool wrist tattoos, (of the elements in Hindi) and the office blonde was all, ‘my tattoo’s in Hindi too!!’ and showed us her ‘om’ tatt. Not that she knows what ‘om’ means, as she has previously giggled. Oy.

- People who reproduce whole song lyrics in posts. Seriously, what the fuck is with this? He’s a wanker anyway, but yeah. Why don’t people realise that while yes, we get that you’re either trying to share a song that has moved you (or you’re just a poseur, one of the two), IT DOES NOT WORK. You just look like a wanker, and without the music, people scan the lyrics and go, ‘oh, ok. Kind of pretty, I guess’, or, ‘wow, what a trite song. Haha!’

- My phone. I bought it in, like, September, and it’s glitching beyond belief. Don’t by a Motorola E378i. They’re shit.

- People. But that’s more an every day thing.

Five people I want to inflict this on:
You want, you do. Just lemme know so I can read it.


naridu said...

Excellent page filler that, now mine doesn't look quite so, uh, empty.

Christopher Pike, I remember those, especially Remember Me. Ah memories.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that Motorolas suck! I have had to have mine repaired twice in the four months I've had it. And my previous Nokia went into the pool,I chose a Motorola. Big mistake. What is with the logic of Motorola phones? And the lack of info in the user's guide? I am going to cancel my insurance on it soon, but before I do, that phone is going in the pool methinks!

Desci said...

No no! My other two motos, the cd 928 and t183, were great! I had them for 4 years each! best phones ever. just not this type.