Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Highly Recommended Sensory Goodness

Had mum’s birthday extravaganza thingy last night. I took her to Pearl restaurant. We has a cocktail and a glass of wine each, mains and dessert. All divine, and worth the $155 (minus the tip I left) this poor student forked out.

Then we saw Paul Capsis in Boulevard Deliruim. Go see. I think I already raved about it last time I went, but it is fucking amazing. The man channels Judy Garland and then segues seamlessly into a little bit of Sex Pistols, then is Billy Holiday and Janis Joplin. It was fucking amazing. Go see go see go see. You have until the 20th in Melbourne, then he goes to Sydney.

Anyway, we hung around afterwards (Mum, Jaxx, Sunshine and I) and he signed our cds. He was polite, humble and friendly, and just seemed really, very lovely. Especially since he’s just put in over 90 minutes of fucking intensity. We left with big dumb grins.

In funnier news, I received this email the other day:

huh thats a new one..i dono how i ended up on this site...i guess trying
to lok 4 females...


The fuck? Why write to me like that? I love getting emails from people who read my blog, but I hate when teenage boys add me to msn when I don’t even know them (as has happened a couple of times, I just politely block them). ‘Lok’ elsewhere, Hank. I really don’t care for nonsensical, pointless emails. Unless they make good blogfodder on a slow news day. Ahem.


Adam 1.0 said...

Hank! Hank! Hank!

What a legend.

insertnamehere said...

I notice he said "females", not "women".

So, he's not particular about the species then?

Kartar said...

By his creative use of spelling and grammar I suspect young Hank is not too particular about anything.

flashman said...

Did you block me? That's highly embarrassing.

Martie said...

Oh Desci, at least you getta the emails!

Ruby said...

It's my Mum's birthday on Friday and I was struggling to find somewhere to take her...I have at least one idea to pitch to Dad now - thanks Desci!

Hambo said...

Hank isn't the only bloke lokin 4 females. Only that I like my females the same way I like my coffee.. either way with two sugars. If its a cuppuccino? I like a good head too. (now that can be taken MANY ways.)

I know a guy who like his coffee freshly ground and in the freezer, god hopes that he doesn't like his women the same way.