Friday, November 18, 2005

I Won't Have a Drink, Thanks.

Sometimes I still have moments of surprising innocence. I was on the train the other day, and there was this old, bogan-bikie kinda guy with a tee shirt that said ‘Liquor – she’ll love it’.

I was all, ‘tch. What a fucking misogynist creep. Get a girl drunk and do his predictably sleazy bidding. Tch.’

It took me a good twenty minutes for the ‘eeeeeewwww!’ realisation to hit me.

Ugly old sleazy bogan men wearing creepy-ass tees? Fucking glassed.


TimT said...

Wouldn't you prefer to liquor up and down?

The Other Guy said...

I guess now would not be the time to admit I have that very t-shirt. (It was sold at Jay-Jay's). I bought it, thinking only of the first interpretation - but more in a tee-hee-hee kinda away, as opposed to having someone do my 'sleezy bidding'

It wasn't until much later until the other interpretation dawned on me. Consequently Naridu has banned me from wearing it in public :)

naridu said...

*cracks up laughing*

Acutally I knew exactly what it was referring to when I urged him to buy it. For some reason it just tickles my fancy.

Then again, he doesn't look quite the sleazy bogan when wearing the shirt, which does make a big difference.

And I have not banned it, you liar you! Just...not around my family.

Desci said...

Hee! I think it must depend on the wearer. Like if a savvy-looking 20-something with a cheesy 'tashe had one of those 'moustache rides: free!' tees, verses the same one on a guy with no teeth and prison tatts. Former: funny. Latter: Icky.

And a provisional banning on a tee of that calibre *is* fair enough... heehee.

Alex said...

Oh i love that glassed site soom uch.

The Student said...

Can I join this crusade against tshirt humour?

I once wore a tshirt that wittily turned Vegemite into vaginamite.

Got some laughs. Brill.

Anonymous said...

yeah people have no idea about context. I saw a grown man (moderately bogan) at a school concert wearing a tshirt with a red cross and the words "To be taken orally." Ugh.