Thursday, November 17, 2005

Search Terms

Because I’m lazy and it’s kind of funny. Plus, I’ve been noting funny ones for, like, ever.

File under ‘just fucking creepy’

Pregnant phone sex – Wow… specific AND gross!
human being fucking – See above
“sex checklist” – When Virgins Love Research
fuck meeeee – Did they do a search for two, three and four ‘e’s too?
“creepy cunts” – Glass houses.
fucking the human female – Has a… scientific ring to it, yes?
"ridden like a " – What? Like a what? Like a sandwich? A clipboard?
fucking ugly female nerds –
men having sex with men secretly checklist – When Tortured Married Men Love Research
“I gave him a handjob” – ”Wow good for you”
fucking everyday household items – uuuuuhhhh…
boyfriend checklist – When High-Maintenance, Demanding Bitches Love Research
“playing with my boobs” – When a Slinky just won’t do

File under ‘what the FUCK?’

rhinos h – eh?
cunt in jamacan slang – How would I know that? I’m such a honky I’m practically transparent
"blair mcdonough" shower – why? I should have put this under ‘fucking creepy’
they might be giants cunts – Heresy! They’re lovely.
goldy horny – ?
mango tango sex – interesting.
girl melbourne desci – Ok, a few months ago someone from the Netherlands REALLY wanted to find me…?
patrick duffy debbie does dallas – Don’t drag the Duffster into that sick world!
melbourne housewarming tram– ???

1 comment:

Russell Allen said...

Bobby Ewing smut would sell very well I reckon.

I've had 'two' (yes, two) people find my site with 'bottles in cunt porn'. Bottle in cunt porn I can understand, but plural, that's FREAKIN scary.