Thursday, November 10, 2005

This Week

I've been pretty much living at Boyfriend's house for the last week. He's had holidays (but is still working from home, producing this cd) it's cool seeing him so much; but I'm really not ready to live with him yet. I love that I have this healthy perspective - ie, I know that missing him is a good thing, and that we shouldn't spend every second together (thank you, Funzo Ex 3).

He was going to buy me a puppy for my birthday (I'll be 24 in just less than a month... eep). We had a gorgeous purebred staffy picked out. I was going to call him Gavin. We were both so happy. But then Mum talked me down, using logic. I had a sook. The end. (Her main arguments: you're not home enough, you don't know what you'll be doing in the next five years, let alone ten, do you really want the pressure? My single counter-argument: but I WANT one!)

Bad news! The cunt who marked my off-campus sub-ediitng class gave me 68% for my final essay (2 essays x 50%). A 68. That's a CREDIT. I feel so dirty. (Fuck off, I really am a nerd). I just found out about it half an hour ago. Apparently Prof. Writing students are always marked harshly in journo subjects. Well he can go fist himself.

Good news! I *just* found out that I'm going to be an editor for the uni literary journal next year! Woo! (That is, of course, if I don't get a fulltime job...)

More bad news! I've wrecked my back. From carrying heavy library books and doing the sex. Baaaah.

Have you heard of Becky Bell? I borrowed her book from surlypunk, and I have to give it back tomorrow. Sniff. Anyway, I was reading some sexy bits to Boyfriend last night. He loved it. And hey, reading aloud, I loved it, too. I'll have to get him to get more of her stuff from amazon and make it a regular thing. Mmmm.

Was going to go to work today, but I've worked so fucking much lately that I decided to go to the movies with my friends instead. Hah! Saw Flight Plan, which was ok, but an unmade-up Jodie Foster spent 90 minutes with... her face. Shudder.

So we've got a really boring weekend planned because we're both kind of sick and blah. Which sucks, as I'd love to start having some big nights out again, but it'll have to wait til we're both healthier.


Goat Boy said...

Sorry about the bad result, but write "sub-ediitng" on your resume in the real world and the mark is zero. I've thrown out dozens of resumes because of a single spelling error. Maybe you're just not destined for the heady life of a sub, but look on the bright side; most of them are bitter, talentless, useless cunts.

hasarder said...

I don't quite get why head is a seldom thing. I know it took him a while to get into it in the beginning. But why on earth is it still seldom now?
I used to have a 'seldom' man, funnily enough I stopped giving because I wasn't getting.
Have you raised the subject and demanded he go the growl more often? Or are you like me and saying 'I don't want him to do it if he's not that into it...'
Before I experienced girly love, I didn't want to demand head because I wasn't sure what doing it to a girl was like. Now I know I love doing it, I have no problem asking for it. Not that I ever need to ask now...
My word verification is elnxwk. Is this predictive? Am I going to fuck someone called el next week?
Maybe being in dick land for so long has made me see opportunities for lesbian love everywhere, even in word verification.
You and I are in the same boat Desci. Damn being bi and being in love.

Hambo said...

If only *SOME* people pay attention to my hotmail address.


Jo-jo said...

I was going to name my next cat Gavin........ (yes I am serious)

The Hack said...

Goat Boy speaketh the truth, Desci - on typos and subs.

Desci said...

Goat boy - DAMN YOU and your inability to ignore an angry typo! DAMN YOU, GOOD SIR!

Hasarder - You've hit the nail on the head. I have expressed a desire for it to be more frequent, but yeah. I don't want to force him if he doesn't wanna. He's still new to it. We'll see how it all flies in about a year.

Let me know how it goes with el ;)

Hambo - didn't we just go through this? :P

Jojo - That. Is cool.

Hack - Good. Because the guy who marked me is a cuntrag. Fucking...