Friday, November 04, 2005

Victories – Little and Big Fuckoff Ones

Yesterday I had a driving lesson. Didn’t fuck up majorly once, AND went right into the city for the first time AND did hook turns. I roXor.

But! The spoken word night that I organised was on last night. Oh, my, god.

Short answer: it went so fucking well. Better than I could’ve scripted.

Long, boring answer: I was a little psychostressed before it. then two small fuckups happened: Junior misunderstood me and was in the car with Jaxx when we were going to Boyfriend’s to pick up the sound stuff (I’d explicitly told her they’d be no room for her, which I thought would be ok since she could bus home from Jaxx’s, considering the bus is literally right out both of their front doors).

When I was getting angry about that, Boyfriend called and told me his bus was going verrrry slowly and he wouldn’t be able to meet us in time. I went apeshit, and he was all, ‘I’m sorry, honey, but I just can’t get home by 5. Should I just meet you there with the equiptment in a taxi?’ which makes me love him so very much more. Insaneo-mode Desci said, ‘no, no, we have to drop Junior off anyway’ and hung up on him. He waited a few minutes til I reverted back to a stable human, then called back and we organised stuff. I love the fact that he’s my calm to my drama queen.

So we set up, well, we left Boyfriend to set up while Jaxx and I went back to Preston to GET MY FUCKING PIECE that I’d forgotten (I had a lot to carry. Oh, fuck off).

And it all went swimmingly. All the speakers were amazing, including the divine Naridu (whose gorgeous boyfriend I had the pleasure of meeting IRL).

So we got drunk, very drunk, and danced to bad eighties music from the best DJ in Melbourne, dj wendi (sorry, dj, but hey, I’ve never heard you!)

Don’t you hate it when you get really drunk, and you’re talking to someone, and forget that ‘what you say’ and ‘what you’re thinking’ are two separate things? Looking back, I think I said things which made me look like either a wanker, an idiot or a patronising fuck, since I left other things unspoken (‘but that’s just his opinion’, and ‘but you have many superior qualities to me’, for example). Ah well; it’ll all come out in the wash.

When the bar closed some of us got a taxi and went to maccas then our respective houses. But when I got home my burger and chips… um, bungeyjumped my system. You know, fast down, faster up. Oy.

Anyway, it was just the best, best night. I love my friends and I love my writers. Naaaw.

Now, I can rest my hangover and indulge in a holiday day, since I’ve handed everything in, including my honours submission (more about that later) w00t!

Now, here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ I heard about buffy. If you’re not a fan, don’t read the rest of this post.

Hate guy was there, and we talked and laughed together for a good portion of the night! (Hate guy is the guy I decided to hate first class first year. And he kept inadvertently giving me reasons to hate him. But last night, he was actually… pretty cool. How confusing. I think it was because he had his partner with him, who seems like an awesome chick who might even him out).

Anyway, hate guy said that there was an alternative episode that Joss scripted but never shot, because they couldn’t get the character they needed. It was meant to be one of the last episodes of the last season. Now, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it may make you cry.

So the powers that be or someone basically give buffy a ‘get out of jail free’ card. She can have anything she wants. She can bring her mum back to life. She can finally have Angel, and make him mortal. Whatever she wants is hers. She decides.

She walks into her house with new shoes on. Willow asks her what she did. Buffy’s all, ‘you like my new shoes? They’re shiny!’ Willow can’t believe that she wasted this amazing opportunity on new bloody shoes. She tells Buffy so. ‘I didn’t waste my one thing on new shoes!’ she goes upstairs, Willow gaping after her. Then she feels a tap on her shoulder. She turns around. It’s Tara.

Come on, nerds, weep with me now and let’s all masturbate over pictures of Joss Weadon.


DJ said...

I think I'm gonna cry

Miffy said...

Fuck, that's so sweet. I can't believe they didn't make that episode.

naridu said...

Congrats on the hook turns but more importantly for organising such a brilliant night. Really that absolutely rocked! I can't wait to go and do it again.

Fuck, my head hurts and I feel all emotional now.

I heart Willow + Tara.

QM said...

But wouldn't that have created a whole "tara is here while kennedy is here" thing? It would have been Oz all over again, surely?

Hambo said...

Old old old news... Then again, I am a major Buffy fan. I was hoping you had news on a Buffy/Angel movie.

Congrats on the night BTW.

The Student said...

Message to public transport users:


That is all.

David said...

We couldn't find you! I was sitting with KathrynOh in the back bar of Nancy - we could see stuff happening in the back, but it was mondo packed, so we decided to wait until it thinned out a bit. By the time it had thinned, we couldn't find you at all, and assumed that you'd left. Doh!

Still, I'm glad it went well for you.

Martie said...

I wanna see that episode soooo much....

Desci said...

dj - you know I still love you.

Miffy - I KNOW. but

QM - you're right, that's the second thing I thought (first being 'Awwwww!')

David - that's so weird! We were in the beergarden from, like, 6pm to 2am.

Dr. Cam said...

Were you wearing those crazy glasses with the big nose and the moustache... how is Dave expected to recognise you in a disguise?

Fucken' women. As a man - and a MANLY man at that, I think you women are crazy with your fucken emotions. Emotions are for the weak.

This is why men run the world.



Awwww, Willow and Tara would have been awesome. Buffy rox. I think I'm gonna cry into my gayass midori, but that might just be cos I'm off my face.

kathrynoh said...

I was gonna say what Dave said. We got driven out by the insanely bad 80s music and looked for you but couldn't see you anywhere. Then we cussed you out for leaving your own thing early. Maybe you were in the bog?

I'd pick new shoes over Tara any day. Tara gave me the shits. My son was telling me last night that his friend went to a preview screening of Serenity and Joss was in town doing the PR tour and turned up after the screening. Man, I hate not being in the loop!

The Other Guy said...

You mean there is such a thing as 'bad' 80s music?

Well I never.......

Lumpen said...

But no dead Tara means no evil Willow.
PS Watched Strangers With Candy for the first time in ages. I totally forgot about the most classic line ever--
"Let's dispel a few myths: Retards DO NOT rule the night. The truth is, nobody rules the night."

Rubydot said...

OMG, Willow and Tara. Makes me wanna cry. As for evil Willow, we've always got the memories.