Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Week

Monday: slept at Bundoora and did the drunken Idol recap with the
lovely ladies, Caz and Atari

Tuesday: Double driving lesson (went on the highway and did 100 for
the first time. Woot), work, then Corpse Bride (very
disappointing, only good thing was the look. Go see it for that alone)
then dragged to a fucking Battle of the Bands at FUCKING mercury

Wednesday: Arsing about all day, then did some writing with Paleboy.
He has this idea for a script, and its good, but I don't know if I can
devote the time it needs. Apprehensive.

Thursday: Still freakishly unmotivated. Had huge list of things to do.
Didn't. was planning to go to shopping. Drifted around the house
instead. Then, went with Boyfriend's brother to pick him up from the
airport: Boyfriend went to the IF awards in Sydney on Wednesday. He bought back Krispy Kremes (ie the only donuts I eat. Ye gods, they're amazing)

Friday: Dad's birthday! Went to their house for dinner, then went home. Boyfriend finished work at 4am and met me there, we slept.

Saturday: Just had a driving lesson with dad. A cool night with cool people planned. Bloody Boyfriend's going to the AFIs.

Sunday: Boyfriend-tacular in the morning, but I'm fucking working that night.

So there you go.

Hey, did anyone go to Sexpo? I was gonna (good place for cheap
magazines) but… I don't know. (Cheers for the ticket though, K-oh! xo)
Over the last couple of years it's gone from cool to icky. Reviews?


The Student said...

Sexpo = lamest place on earth.

sussy said...

I went to Sexpo, it was okay. Certainly not the earth shatteringly wonderful, pink, buzzy goodness I was hoping for but an okay way to kill an hour or two. Was accosted by the Bloke's World rep who asked for girls to sign their numbers on his chest (I did), got accosted by Very Cute Hustler Rep who had a thing for tits and vibrating cockrings. It was actually very lack-luster. My local Sexyland puts on a better faire. Janet and I were peeved that there were NO decent DVDs, just the same five or six titles at two different stalls. The $10 stand was funny - sneeringly so. Favourite stall was Fluffy Cuffs (bought some - and they gave me $20 off) You didn't miss much at all. Didn't see Silvia Saint... or whoever the hell it was supposed to be. Would have hung around if it was someone like Savanna Samson. Be glad you saved yourself the $25.

Adam 1.0 said...

The problem with Sexpo is that it treats the whole thing as a holiday tour. People should be comfortable with the subject 24/7, not just one day a year when they can "legally" look at vibrators and giggle.

TimT said...

Depends what you were looking for. Well, sex, obviously, but what kind?

I went to the Sexpo. Up one corner of the room I ran into this guy and girl in a wheelchair handing out pamphlets for a new group they had going - apparently disabled folks in government housing aren't allowed to fuck, or they get chucked out. So he was cool. Then I got accosted by a LaTrobe Uni student who had some survey about dick size, or something like that. It had weird questions like, 'Do you run when not wearing underwear?' Got a free chuppa-chup out of it.

Up the other corner of the room I ran into this fat dude with a beard selling 'Terrorists - Fuck 'Em' T'shirts. Apparently the proceeds were going to charity. I looked up his website afterwards; turns out he runs the wet T-shirt competition for The Picture. He got me to wear the t-shirt as I went off for publicity.

There were the things like 'get your photograph taken with a nude model!' and swingers groups handing out pamphlets. When I went in a guy was doing a strip show on stage and when I went out it was a girl. Oh, and up the back there were these girls who had been hired to thwack everyone on the bum with pink fluffy things. Nice girls, them.

Best part was going out and seeing the workers at the sexpo sitting out on the stairs, having ciggies and chatting in the arvo sunlight. It was a gorgeous day. Pity they couldn't have the sexpo outside.

TimT said...

Actually, I spoke to my brother Nick about it afterward, and he was all like, 'Oh! Why did you waste your money going to see that!'. Then, afterwards, I spoke to my brother Lachlan, and he's all, like, 'Cool!'. And I say, 'I got a free porn CD at the end!', and he's like, 'yeah!'