Monday, November 28, 2005

Weekend: Sleeping, Working, Boring, but Also Good.

The weekend was one big part brilliance to every other part shit. The shit was driving lesson with dad, Boyfriend sleeping most of Saturday, and spending Sunday sleeping and working.

The brill was drinks with three very cool people at Bar Nancy on Saturday night, which involved much dancing, laughing, drinking and a shared knowledge of obscure and / or forgettable 80s music.

Then Boyfriend came from the Australian Film Industry awards and we had to go, because the bar was closing and his brother was waiting in the car. Adam came with us to this party in Thornbury, which was good value, especially when farce-magnet Adam encountered some teenagers that were so Emo you could die. The alpha one had the gauged ears, tight black jeans, AFI* hoodie, smoodgy eyeliner and of course the Hair. I won’t go into it; since I’m sure Adam 1.0’ll do it more justice. But the two highlights:

- ‘I’m not emo. I don’t need this shit. My best friend killed herself and my girlfriend is dying of cancer’ (direct quote)

- the three of them being honestly too stupid to see we were clearly taking the piss:

Emo two: ‘yeah, I got kicked out of home’ me: ‘dude, that’s killer weak’.

Emo one: ‘I have this friend, and his dad, like, raped him’ me: ‘man, that’s so real and so dark.’

Me: ‘Hey guys, how cool is cutting yourself? And spitting. Spitting’s awesome. It’s killer’

And Adam made me grope the female one’s arse. (Well, in all fairness, I lost at paper-rock-scissors).

So on Saturday I started this detox thingy. Should be good. We’ll see.

Tomorrow! Freakline, and then some top fives on Wednesday

* PS – ‘AFI’ stands for ‘A Fire Inside’. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahah

UPDATE! Go read Adam's recap of the teens. Gold.


Adam 1.0 said...

Ironic that your boyfriend came from the AFI's only to run into some clown wearing an AFI shirt who had NFI about what he was doing? Clowns.

I would never have managed to pull off the groping though. She surely would have cracked it at a 42 year old touching her ass.

Desci said...

Rmembering this was a girl that looked like she'd been strangled and then proudly asked me if i 'had any painkillers' for her 'eleven hickeys'? I'm thinking she woulda been ok with it.

Adam 1.0 said...

Man, I should have gone up and whispered "Have you ever been taught by an older man?" in her ear.

Saturday Night Fiver said...

These are the Tickle-Me-Emos the under fives are mad for this Christmas?

avoiding work said...

Hey I got the link to your blog from TSSH and I'm so glad I did coz that's the funniest shit I've read in ages. Don't know how you managed to keep a straight face. I think if I'd been in your position I would've had one of those moments when I'd just have to turn and walk away. Not in fear of being beaten up for laughing in their faces of course, because I'm sure they'd just go cry about it and then take an arty-angled shot of their eyeliner running and post it on their myspace.

It only just dawned on me too how funny the name AFI is. Oh god the BDO is going to be painful next year with all those emo kids around.

sussy said...

And Adam made me grope the female one’s arse. (Well, in all fairness, I lost at paper-rock-scissors).


Desci said...

hehehehe, arty post-cry photo on myspace. You know it's true.

still avoiding work said...

Oh shit it's true that AFI have pulled out of the Big Day Out. This may just be the thing to push thousands of emo kids over the edge...

Well a girl can dream anyways.

Jellyfish said...

You guys - you're totally evil! You messed with the tender minds of those poor children! I'm relieved I missed that bit. I was busy wandering the inner north trying unsuccesfully to remember where I lived.

Thanks for a fun night, D.