Monday, April 24, 2006

Announcement! Announcement! Announcement!

So I promised you guys a huge announcement, yes? Well…


Fuck yeah. So listen to our first week.

This was our tester, in following weeks we’re going to get theme music, sketches and other segments (we’ve already written a few) so be kind. The first bit’s always crap, isn’t it? But yeah. We’re aiming for five eps a week, around the 15-20 minute mark (though last Friday’s got a little bawdy and it’s 27 minutes. But I think it’s kinda funny)

Anyway, go listen. My voice sounds shocking.

Hope you like it, next lot’ll be up next Monday (I don’t know whether to release them once a day, or in a weekly dump of five on a Sunday night. Thoughts?)

Coming up this week: D-Bay. Five days of me giving you stuff. Coincidence, since D-Bay was always gonna start the Monday after I hit 100 000.


Hambo said...

About to listen to the pobcast... but I do have one question... BF is now a active member of your site?? Or is he doing the podcast cause he thinks its for something else? Well, I should listen anyway. Oh and there goes my idea.

Anonymous said...

Your impression of Brainiac is the best fuckin' thing I've heard in ages. Kudos.

flashman said...

w00t! I'll give it a listen on the bus this morning. Five eps a week? That's fucken hardcore, I can barely manage to write a post every day and that's only text.


Anonymous said...

Do you know that you use the annoying American like a lot?

Otherwise, your voice sounds fine though.

TheOtherGuy said...

ah nice.. i will definitely be checking it out. 5 episodes a week? Man.. thats huge!

I have toyed with the idea of a podcast, the only problem is that I have bugger all to talk about.

But I am more than happy to listen to others :)

Desci said...

Hambo - He already knew my internerd name, and we have a site together, but he has nothing to do with this blog, and doesn't check it or comment on it. So we're solid.

And what idea? You *should* do one, since you're always too shy to call me, how else am I gonna get to hear your voice?:P

Anon1 - Cheers! xo

Flashman - we dis 'em in one sitting, and it actually got easier. With segments and (hopefully) audience particpation it'll get better, methinks.

Anon2 - Ak, I know, I know! I've gotta stop sounding like such a Valley Girl teen! I'll work on it.

TOG - you could do a sciencecast, heehee. Or you and Naridu could do one, that'd be cool!

Sweatergirl said...

OMG listening to the disembodied voice of Desci is wierd.

Plus you pronounce your name differently to how I did, I thought it was des-ki.

You have a nice voice, you lucky bitch. So does Bob.

Eww dried semen. Why are you telling us this stuff?!

Desci said...

I so heart that people pronounce my name three different ways. It's either Desss-ee, Deshi, or now, Dess-ki. Love it.

Bob sounds a little higher for some reason. And I haaaated how my voice sounded. But spank you very much.

Oh, and you should've heard the continuation of the dried semen thing. I stopped myself just in time, because even I thought, 'no, really, that is fucking gross' heehee.

Saturday Night Fiver said...

You can feel the love! I was reminded of similar home recordings I made with my Nazi ex ... there were production problems from day one. Well done Desci.

hasarder said...

I too thought it was Dess-ki.

There is a 'what's hot and what's not' section in Rip It Up, the free music paper dropped around Adelaide. The section is shit. Really. Shit.
Things like "what's hot - finding something you'd lost" and "what's not - people who think you really can buy a stairway to heaven."

Crapola, and nothing like the thumbs up thumbs down anyway so why did I mention it?
Good excuse for a rant I guess.

Sweatergirl said...

Jokes aside though, it was really good! I've still only listened to one ep. But there were loads of giggles.

Martie said...

Your voice is teh sex, my girl.

Very good, keep it up.

Although it's probably not best to listen to it on Media Player at work.

OKAY, one day I will get an iPod.


gav said...

Love ya work desci. Your voice is teh sex, as martie said, and just quietly, so is boyfriend's.

I have downloaded all of them, and listened to two so far.

If I didn't know you weren't, I would swear you are my ex-girlfriend. In the past your blog in general has reminded me of her, and now the podcast just confirms how freakily alike you are.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

Enny said...

My inside voice made it Deh-shee.

BUT your voice is a lot girlier and tee-hee-er than I'd pictured - I'd pictured a hardened-whisky-semen-fingernailed-gravelly voice - so VERY fond of your actual talking voice!

And your YELL voice is pretty coo' too!

Downloaded them all, up to 2/5 =o)

TimT said...

Hmmm, I was pretty much thinking 'Des-ki' too. I think when we met at Kathryn Oh's birthday gig she introduced you as Deski.

Your voice is fine. I think one of the (many) things that are attractive about women is their voices. I usually love hearing women talk.

And, don't take this the wrong way, but since this IS Melbourne's official sex blog, I'm going to ask it anyway: how do you make love to a voice? Is it possible?

teigan said...


randomgit said...

This is a great podcast.

Just getting through the Emo kid gripes now. For some great Emo kid rips, go to google video and search on 'Emo Sucks'. Some hilarious shit in there.

unique_stephen said...

Not at all what I thought your surprise would be, and so much better.
You don't sound anything like I expected. I can't say i know what I expected but, regardless of your concern it is a great voice for radio. Clear as a bell and charming. You've given me a whole new dimension to you.

DJ said...

Ever thought of doing radio? You know I can hook you up! he he...

Althea said...

Awesome shit. I have to applaud 'Bob's' ignorance regarding the contents of your blog. Though one does wonder if he's ever, perchance, just on a whim, googled desci boyfriend sex?

TheRenYouKnow said...

Thoroughly enjoyed it, Desci!

And now I will forever be refering to you as "Deski" because you suggested it. Argh.