Friday, April 28, 2006

But an Update?

Not much has been happening. Uni, boring, etc. But I *have* got more of a direction with my thesis, so I’m happy with that. OMG I have such a good idea for the creative component; your face would melt clean off.

I updated the comfest link to include Adam Richard <----.

Tonight, comfest, tomorrow, podcast and comfest, Sunday boring homework while Boyfriend tweaks an album he’s working on. I love the band but I’m soooo sick of them.

Oh, but I *have* been really horny lately. So I’m seriously thinking about telling Boyfriend that he can’t move from the bed on Saturday day. I think it’s only fair, given the win/win element.


social disaster said...

Is boyfriend some kind of engineer or something?

unique_stephen said...

Perhaps you should just issue an edict - he has to do you silly every time you demand in the way that you demand no questions.

'BF before you start on that next sandwich - on the couch - like now already'

worked for me

Curtis Stone said...

I would like to give myself a warm welcome to Desci's blog. I found it while combing iTunes for casts of pods. I threw out a wide net and the rest is history. Thank you for having me and hopefully I can be a valuable commentator.

Desci said...

SD - An Egineer of Sound (ZOMG, how cool does that sound when you put it in passive?!)

U_S - Eek! I don't want it to work *that* well! Hee.