Friday, April 28, 2006

D-Bay Day Five: DVD

My site recently struck 100 000 hits. To thank all you loyal perves, I thought I’d give you first dibs on stuff I’m chucking away. Hmmm.

This is less an offloading, more an extra.

So! Who wants a DVD of some of my favourite songs and clips and stuff?

Oh, for this one, you have to write me a poem. Garn.

Haikus allowed; no limericks please. I don’t wanna get into why.

‘Winners’ announced Monday. You know I love you all.

ps – Yes, before you ask, it IS nice being this self-involved.


Desci said...

Oh, Also? I still have
a bunch of the stickers,
the two dino transformer toys,
the ross noble poster, and
the trippy poster.


billyjoe noodle-bob said...

I wrote this haiku
It's really a bit shithouse
Gimme anyway

social disaster said...

Poetry is hard
because I am not emo
Still want DVD

insertnamehere said...

The world about is troubled,
With wars of hatred, class and race,
One bright thing stands out alone,
Desci is really ace.

When your soul is filled with fear,
And you want to get off your face,
Just remember these four little words,
Desci is really ace.

Saturday Night Fiver said...

The Desciad

A Mercifully Short Paean to an Interweb Diarist in Heroic Couplets

The web offers fame of Warhol’s branding;
Such crap that’s writ defies understanding.
Though one might question as to which is worse:
The scribe or the fucktard reading said verse,
We must allow for “something fine and rare”,
Strange bird: a diarist of wit and flair.
For that is Desci, poetess in prose,
Captured by the desire to disclose.
Who she is really we can only guess,
But surely sweet and loveable: aw bless!
With stories of mirth, romance and feeling -
Like how she got her footprints on the ceiling -
Her role is to entertain the masses
And rate one to ten the girls’ hot asses.
Just once a month do you hear her complain
Of that washed out feeling you can’t explain.
That Pepys bloke don’t have nothin’ on her;
Her good sense ‘tis more to guide than spur.
Ever so nerdy but redeemed by grace,
Here’s to Desci, Princess of Cyberspace.

Flashman said...


(with apologies to Allen Ginsberg)

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by blogging,
raving moonbat lefties,
dragging themselves through cyberspace at dawn looking for a smoking gun,
right wing death beasts burning for the boring safety
of a white picket fence in the suburbs.
Blogging! Blogging! Nightmare of Blogging! Blogging the loveless! Mental Blogging! Blogging the heavy judger of men!
Blogging endlessly! Blogging without merit!
Blogging whose mind is pure machinery!
I'm with you in blogging
where we wake up electrified out of the coma
by our own souls' typewriters roaring over the
internet they've come to drop angelic bombs
the internet illuminates itself imaginary walls collapse

Adam 1.0 said...

I love video clips
In fact I may be obsessed
Call an ambulance

Desci said...

Sigh. Love it.

SNF, send me your postal addy.