Thursday, April 27, 2006

D-Bay Day Four: Posters

My site recently struck 100 000 hits. To thank all you loyal perves, I thought I’d give you first dibs on stuff I’m chucking away. Hmmm.

In my section of the house (the two joined-up rooms at the back) there’s a glass door joining the lounge room. So I cover my side of the door with posters to create another wall. I tire of the poster scheme I’ve had since the beginning. So I’m giving away some of my old ones. They’re of the ‘uni stoner’ oeuvre, I believe.

I have a huge stash of posters somewhere else... I think the garage. Hm.

These include: (please note I’m running late and I had to take and download these pics in eleven seconds).

a big poster with those old-time pics advertising masturbation, pot, beer, etc.

A stoner kinda trippy fractal image. It's so cool.

A Ross Noble poster from last year. Stolen from the town hall. (I do it every year. This year I only grabbed a kitson and an Arj, but I'm desperately trying to get a Dylan Moran)


The madness ends tomorrow.


Pussygirl said...

oohh oooh oooh.. the old skool poster, puhlease??

Desci said...

It is yours.

Desci said...

Oh, but email me with your address so I can post it. xo