Saturday, April 01, 2006

Just Quickly

Ok I'm really drunk so rather than make a fool out of myself (a FOOL i say) I just wanted to say:

V for Vendetta was awesome. it was really very quite good. Enny, do what you must to make the Nerd see it. He'll like it.

Now I wanna hear what Dole Diary Lumpen and Girl vs Boy Malcolm thought.


ps: woo!


bec said...

I wish i had seen V for Vendetta.

I wish i were drunk.

I wish i weren't posting a comment on a blog late saturday night.

It's official, i'm a loser when my hot girlfriend isn't around.

By the way, are you just naturally good at typing well even when drunk? Or do you perform my trick and take half an hour to type a sentence, because each word has to be perfect even when you can't really see the screen or tell which letter is which?

Enny said...


I wish I wasnt' such a loser that I'm posting tipsy during my own party!

We saw it last night - I'll review it either later tonight or tmr - dun hold ur breath, it's most likely to be 'I luvved it too!'

Desci said...

bec: a little from column a.... *mostly* from column b!

Enny: So glad! How *good* was it? Did he like it? Ach, I'll go read the review.

Lumpen said...

It was cool. I feel a bit like a scientist who watches Star Trek when I say, "Not much to do with anarchism but very entertaining."
It was great, can't wait to see it again. A good mix of plot, unconventional storytelling, knives, explosions and exploding knives.
Some parts were just fucking silly, though I did appreciate the Antony & the Johnsons song on the jukebox at the tenderest of moments.
My verdict? Awesome. Go see it.

Luke said...

Are you fucking joking? V for Vendetta was seriously the worst film I have ever seen at the cinema...

Desci said...

But *why*, is what I’m asking, Luke. I’d really like to know.

Lumpen – I was rapt about the Antony song too. I leaned over and hissed to Boyfriend, ‘It’sAntonyandtheJohnsons!!’ and, bless him, he pretended to care.