Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Laugh, Jive Sukkas.

Well, 4000 words to go (yesterday I did stacks of research, really). I can do 4000 in a day. Ahahaha.

I best do my comedy festival list, as it’s starting… now? Soon? Now?

So, here’s who I’m seeing. Some people might remember from last year (no link, just check the archives, I can’t be arsed. It was March-ish) that I’m somewhat of a comedy junkie. Though I’m very picky about my comedy, I usually go to a few dozen events, some twice (Daniel Kitson) but this year it’s tight. So, here tis, some people for whom I already have tickets:

Adam Richard Saw him two years ago and LOVED him. I don’t listen to the fox (or is it mix?) so I never hear him on radio. But my god, he ruled. I’m very excited about this one.

Andy McClelland Hi Skool knows him. He’s pretty funny. His pirate show, and the show with his BFF Lawrence Leung, were both great.

Arj Barker Hi Skool and I see him every time he’s out. Yes, he’s funny, but he usually does old material. But… god we love looking at him. We’ve spoken to him a couple of times, once (as he’s a filthy manwhore) he was all, ‘so… where’s cool to go out? Are you guys going out now?’ we just kind of giggled. In all fairness, we were about 19. In less fairness, we’d do the same thing now. Fucking fanboys.

Call Girls Not sure about this one. A play about call centres. I think I’ll be going by myself, hee.

Dance of the D-Cups I actually had no choice, I got them free. I’m scared. The women aren’t pretty, and I think they… do stuff with their boobs. Hmmm. I can’t back out though, for various reasons. Don’t ask, seriously.

Daniel Kitson Siiiigh. One of my favourite people in the entire world. I can’t tell you how much I love him. His story shows had me in tears (both kinds, even!) but he’s just doing stand up this time. Which is still awesome. He is just so cool.

Demitri Martin Um, kind of like a cross between Arj and Daniel? I saw him last year, he was great.

Lawrence Leung Is a funny man. I like his documentary style of show.

Vaya Pashos Jaxx really wants to go, so I’m doing him a solid.

If I know you IRL and you wanna come to some of these with me, please email. You know I love you.

I wanted to see Greg Fleet, but he was too expensive. Ditto Ross Noble. Also, I may check out Tim Minchin; I’ve heard good things.

So, who are you going to see? Please note if you say Carl Baron, Wil Anderson, Dave Hughes or anyone of that ilk, you shall be mocked. Mercilessly. And you know you deserve it.


Martie said...

OK. I will 'fess up. Feel free to mock me and throw fruit in various stages of decomposition at me.

I am going to see The Glasshouse on Monday. In my defence, I am taking my mum and dad, who LOVE the show, as a thank you for helping me out when I was incapacitated.

Don't hate me, please Desci ;-)

social disaster said...

I'd probably see Ross Noble if I could. I don't know how Wil Anderson has any success as a stand-up comedian - he talks waaaay too fast and he recycles his jokes so much.

Mel said...

Demetri Martin, Andy McClelland and Lawrence Leung are the only people I'd pay to see. I saw a preview of the boob women and I don't think you should write it off just yet. I think it will be quite funny. It is like Puppetry of the Penis. I mean, do you go to PofP wanting the guys to be hot? No - because the show is about doing non-sexual things.

Mel said...

I meant that the people I mentioned earlier are the only ones on your list I would pay to see. So far I am going to see Birdmannifesto, Hip-Hop 4 Dummeez, 1982 with a Bullet and Burlesque Idol. In general I recommend Trades Hall as it has lots of awesome stuff for FREE, including a chance to perve on Mel's Lame Comedy Crush (lamer than Arj Barker, I promise!!). Plus the drinks in the bar are $4-$5 - gotta love those union prices.

Enny said...

Ehm - I'm seeing Ross Noble in Canberra in May, does that count?!

Sweatergirl said...

Daniel Kitson is greash! I saw him a coupla years ago. Agreed that Arj Barker is hot.

gav said...

Wil Anderson is a cunt - for no other reason than he shits me. Thongs with jeans can be cool - but not every fucking day of the year dude.

Aaaaaalso, Ross Noble is married to a girl I went to High School with. Why did I tell you this? I have no idea. She was in my year level and I had a bit of a crush on her. He is funny though - even if he sometimes clutches at comedic straws (and steals crushes.)

Have many a belly-laugh desci.

naridu said...

my list this year so far includes, Arj Barker(yum), Greg Fleet's preview show, Demetri Martin, a show one of my workmates is in at the Trades Hall(yes I am a bad person because I can't remember what it's called) and possibly Lano and Woodley. I'd also love to go and see Danny Bhoy, he just looks so edible.

DJ said...

I just emailed you some freebies...

Desci said...

Martie - I could never hate you. Even if you were going to the Glasshouse to perve on Wil Anderson. Ew. xo

SD - And his recycled jokes AREN'T FUCKING FUNNY! Once I saw an article on him written by some fuckwit who said that he was the hardest working comedian in Australia, since he had no wacky ethnicity or boobies to set him apart. Um, hello? How many comedians are white guys, and how many are girls/ethnic minorities? Cunt.

Mel - I MUST KNOW YOUR COMEDY CRUSH. Also, cheers for the headsup on trades hall!

Enny - sure it does. Hee. Sometimes I forget not everyone here is in victoria. I suck.

Sweatergirl - hopefully he'll be touring your end after melbourne; keep an eye out!

gav - that's cool! ps: my mum thinks ross noble looks like the devil.

Naridu - I'd like to see Lano and Woodley, but $. Also, Danny Bhoy is ok, I saw him last year. My parents saw him the year before and loved him, but they were caked off their nut, so...

dj - busy, but cheers!

Sweatergirl said...

I think the Melbourne Comedy Fest is much more raucous than the Sydney one. My lesbo mate ended up pashing Peter Hellier after a gig once, which is just wrong on so many levels.

Bruce said...

Weird! "1982 With a Bullet" has been in my blogs top 5 searches for about 2 years now. I think I'm gunna have to turn up to see that - the universe is trying to tell me something.

I haven't seen Adam Richard for a while so hopefully he has moved on from his scream queer stereotype show. Andy's Pirate show was a pisser - I loved the karaoke video at the end.

I first saw Lano and Woodley in 1989 when they were the Found Objects with Scott whathisname. If this really is it then I'd better catch that too.

Otherwise I will just try and attach myself to someone from the telly like a pilot fish and swan around with them basking in reflected glory/envy.

Anonymous said...

Arj Barker: I'd also hit it (in fact I'd probably hit it again, just in case he missed it the first time).

Ross Noble: is my favouritest comedian evah. Piss funny.

Lano & Woodley: let's not go there (I think they suck arse).

Wil Anderson: I liked when I was 16. If I was in the same room as him now I'd glass him. I don't even feel sorry for him because he used to be a fattie. But I feel sorry for myself for knowing that about him.

I wish I could go to see lots of comedy. Very jealous.
- eat my shorts

Desci said...

Sweatergirl - I didn't even know Sydney *had* one! Apparently Melbourne's is the thrid biggest after Edinborough and Montreal. So... nyer, I 'spose. When's the Sydney one?

Bruce - I know not of this "1982 With a Bullet" of which you speak...

Oh, and, yeah, Adam Richard probably hasn't moved from his screaming queer stereotype... but I still heart him and can't wait. And yes, I too loved Andy's Pirate show.

Lano and Woodley were funny once. Especially in their TV show. I'd kind of like to go to their goodbye, but no $. Meh.

EMS - we should do an exchange trip, hee.

TheRenYouKnow said...

What about SWLG? Or Lano & Woodly? Okay, I'm scarpering right about now...

Katherine said...

I've been a bit slack... I've only seen three shows so far.
Tim Minchin is superb and you should go see him. He references T.S Eliot for fuck's. How cool is that? Plus he's funny, which is a bonus.
Kent Valentine is also great; very sweet, very fast comedy.
And Ross Noble, as always, is brilliant.
Hopefully I'll get to see Andrew McClelland, Lawrence Leung, Demetri Martin, Daniel Kitson, Elbowskin, I Heart Racism, Arj Barker, Danny Bhoy, Charlie Pickering, Michael Chamberlin... um... there are others but I can't remember. Maybe Tripod, against my better judgement.

Desci said...

Ren: I've never really gotten into SWLG. I loved the Lano and Woodley show, but I don't think I'll get around to seeing them...

Katherine: Just got tix to TimMinchin on your recommendation!

Desci said...

Dylan Moran There are no words. He was just amazing.

Call Girls Myeah. Funny, but not earth-shatteringly brilliant. I enjoyed it, but would've rathered save my money.

Lawrence Leung Awesome. He's so cool. Recommended.

Arjy Barjy Is beautiful. And was very funny, despite the fact that some of his jokes are over five years old, and hi-skool and I have heard them a dozen or more times. But also some new material at least, which was funny. Three dudes threw their undies at the stage, which he was a little put off by.

naridu said...

so far I've seen Greg Fleet, which was a bit 'mwar' as in not so great but given it was a preview a bit to be expected.
Damn, when we went see Arjy there was no underwear tossing that I noticed, there may have been some I didn't notice, but what a shame to have missed that extra.
Everyone keeps hyping Dylan Moran's show this year...why am I not going?!

Bruce said...

1982 With a Bullet was one of those compilation albums released in 1982 (believe it or not). Back in those days they put a little more sub-editorial effort into their titles instead of the lame-o So Fresh 48 or whatever they're up to now.

And it was a cracker.

Bugger it - I've blogged it again just now.

Desci said...

Vaya Pashos:
Pretty funny. I've worked in an inbound and outbound callcentre, so I appreciated the scary authenticity. I could've done without the arse crack (please buy a belt, woman) and the fitball-bouncing was distracting. Recommended for callcentre wenches (it's funny) but perhaps a little esoteric for people who haven't been there. Vaya seems like she'd be a lot of fun.

Daniel Kitson:
Is only one of my favourite people in the world ever. Famous/friend, real life/internet, living/dead. I just adore him. He's... there are now words. I can't tell you how much I adore him, so... just go see him. Unless you're a vapid cunt.

Katherine said...

Just got tix to TimMinchin on your recommendation!

I am so influential! Probably my head will now puff up until it explodes.
I hope you enjoy it! Let us know.

Desci said...

Saw Dance of the D-Cups. Not really geared towards our sort of humour, and Boyfriend and I were both surly and tired, but it was actually ok. More for an older crowd, but we did enjoy. The chicks had a great stage presence.

Desci said...

Adam Richard

Funny, funny man. I don’t hear him on the fox, but god he’s great stand up. He’s definitely not for everyone, being such a queen, but I loved him. only problems were a) I momentarily lost my phone so my enjoyment of the gig was impeded, and b) faaar too short. It was like, 35 minutes. The crowd LOVED him, and sure, it was a preview, but I was disappointed and wanted more. Still recommended for the celeb sledging. He calls it ‘the gayest show of the festival’.

Desci said...

Tim Minchin

Surly cabaret, in the vein of Eddie Perfect (but different). Funny, good.

Demitri Martin

Is one of the best. Like Daniel Kitson with more music and warmfuzzyness. Not for people who hate the sentimental.

Daniel Kitson

Again. Still amazing though I felt yucky.

Desci said...

Oh! Forgot


Great, actually. We came in late. 'Chopper' (the much-loved-by-my-parents-and-brother impersonator from the Ronnie Johns Half Hour) was MC. We saw Sam Simmons, Some other people, Eddie Perfect (yay!) and Tim Minchin. It was unexpectedly awesome.

Desci said...

Andtrew McClelland - Mixed Tape

This guy is a good DJ and funny as hell. His mixed tape rocks, too. Recommended.

Desci said...

Oh! And his impression of an indie kid dancing to the Postal Service? One of the funniest things I've ever seen. Priceless.

naridu said...

went to see Daniel Kitson last night...loved, and I mean LOVED him. Something about the middle class intellectual indie sticking it to every cnut(Rik Mayall, love him too) in the entire damn world...just kinda rocked my fuzzy lint socks.