Thursday, April 13, 2006

Let the Ouchy Take You Over

O god I’m sleepy. I ended up finishing my essay around 8.

3422 words. Oh, you can go fuck yourself. It’s not assessed; it’s just for my supervisor. So it's practically 4000.

So! Uni today, then THE BEST FUCKING NIGHT EVERRR. I’m hoping. A one-two punch o’ fun. But I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

So sleepy. Why?

Anyway. I’ll leave you with a shower thought.

Painful verses Sadistic

PAINFUL is getting a Brazilian wax from a very… very thorough beautician.

SADISTIC is having to listen to Enrique Iglesias while she does it.

Bailamos, indeed.

Have a lovely Easter m’dear perves. I’ll probably update late tomorrow because of a hangover (pending), so remember not to eat meat tomorrow. I don't want to get into a big thing about it; just don't.


social disaster said...

Um... so... am I weird for thinking Brazilian waxes aren't painful? Like, they kind of sting a bit but not in the way that makes you curl your toes and squirm and get a potty mouth.

What kind of wax do they use on you? Because the strip wax hurts more than the hard wax. I always ask for the hard wax. It takes longer but I've found that strip wax gives me more ingrowns.

Adam 1.0 said...

Bailamos. When the waxer your hair, you'll be appppppppppalled.

Kymmy said...

The type of wax used makes a difference to the amount of ingrowns you get? Talk about a revelation...good tip sd, I will now be asking my own waxing chick to use hard wax. The pain factor never bothers me, but the f*cking ingrowns do. BAD.

sempy said...

kymmy - there's a product you can get that's either called bump stopper or bikini stopper - something like that. It comes in the tiniest jar and costs around $35 but is sooo good for ingrowns. Also, both girls that have done my waxing told me to exfoliate every day with a nail brush. Sounds harsh and is harsh but it works a treat. I still get ingrowns but nowhere near as bad as I used to.

social disaster said...

wow I so forgot which user name I use where. Above post was by social disaster. Ok, cool.

*thank fuck for the 4 day weekend*

TimT said...

... remember not to eat meat tomorrow. I don't want to get into a big thing about it; just don't.

What about fish?

Kymmy said...

sempy - cheers for that, I will have a look for it. Not sure about the nail brush, but will give it a go also.

Desci, sorry for turning your comments section into a group discussion on vadgy ingrowns, but you know, these are the issues.

unique_stephen said...

Girls, girls, please.
If your intersted in vag waxing don't miss this place:

you could practice waxing on one of these:

thinking this should be an anon post cauz ppl will think I was looking for pr0n .....

Hambo said...

Best Invention EVER, Nair!

If you tend to get chemical burns easy, then, you may want to stick to wax. Seriously though, Nair is amazing, pushing the searing pain of flesh sizzling, nair will remove unwanted hair in one fell swoop.*

*Its recommended not to use nair twice within 2 to 3 days as it strips back the top 3 to 5 layers of you skin*** as well. Nair may be useful in removing the dead hard skin on your feet.**

** Nair may also burn your feet off as this is not tested.

*** Skin is considered a delicious treat in some cultures. A little salt for seasoning, some herbs, and lightly fired for a crispy treat.

Desci said...

SD - yes you ARE fucking weird for thinking they're not painful. You lucky fuck.

They use the hard wax on me, and OWWW. I *think* it's getting better, but I just hope one day it gets to the stage like my legs: almost no hair, and doesn't hurt to wax.

Also, I'm not going near my genitals with a nail brush. I'm thinking you have a steel vagina? :P

Kymmy - re: the hijacking: Not at all, these are things we NEED to know!

U.S - I will be checking out those links once I'm back on my own pc. Heehee.

Hambo - Hm... I might try nair in a non-bikini capacity. chemicals next to bits? Feels wrong somehow.