Thursday, April 20, 2006


Comedy Festival post’s comments has been updated with Daniel Kittson and Vaya Pashos.

So… are you guys, like, vomiting with excitement yet? Because on Monday I’ll have a BIG HUGE MEGAGIANT announcement. No guesses. No I’m not getting married, pregnant or my tits out. No clues, but for what I just said.

Well, in any event, I’m bloody excited.

Oh! Also, in completely unrelated news (no, really) D-Bay is starting Monday, too. So you can, like, get some free dodgy shit that St Vinnies probably won’t take.

Here are some work safe pics of my three faves thus far: Dylan Moran, Arj Barker (myfuckingGOD he’s beautiful), and The Daniel Kitson.

Funny Irish Man, as seen from side view, 7ish rows from the front RMIT Capitol Theatre

Comely, Funny American Man, as seen from the gods, side view RMIT Capitol Theatre

Inspirational, Hilarious, Beautiful English Man, as seen from Prime position in second row dead centre (note: photos taken on the sly from my handbag) Hi FI Bar


unique_stephen said...

Not getting your tits out!!!! Like, udderly disappointed. If I could go full frontal nude on national TV, twice (think Sophie Leigh) you can flop your puppies out on your own blog.

Enny said...


*Irrelevant that it's jus a pic n not really him...

Anonymous said...

"Arj Barker (myfuckingGOD he’s beautiful)"

You're not wrong there Desci!!

Did anyone else catch him on Spicks & Specks (I love that show)the week before last and The Glass House last week?? he was soo good.. he even had my mum in stitches!!

Anonymous said...

'Ello darlin', long time stalker first time poster etc etc wank wank.
Something freaky happened to me yesterday - I read this post at work, then THAT VERY AFTERNOOON i and a friend spied your man Daniel Kitson having a coffee with Demetri Martin and a couple others outside a yummy-looking but always-disappointing Chapel Street bakery!
After "happening" to walk past them twice, we realised my friend had her camera with her and blow me down, we actually gathered the stones to go get a photo with them! We then proceeded to titter about it for the rest of the day and now here I am, recounting the tale in great detail to a complete stranger.
Er... cheerio then!
--Berti (who, incidentally, is only seeing L&W at the Comedy Festival this year)

Desci said...

Anon - Oh. My. God! That's masive!

I've seen Kittson once, a few years ago... but I'd be faaaar to scared to ever go up to him. Actually, I believe I've previously documented how much of a fuckwit I am when it comes to celebs.