Thursday, April 06, 2006


Like Ivan Reitman, I am a geeniooous.

It's back up. But now I need to redo links, find my sitemetre and who liks here buttons, and get everything back the way I like it.

Too busy doing that to talk about sex songs or how excited I am about Suicide Girls.

But there will be time soon, my chinchillas. There will be time.


bec said...

Not I, i'm afraid.

I'm useless in this situation. However, call me if you need some advice on which outfit looks hotter.

Desci said...

Bec - I shall take that advice. xo

(To everyone else, this was a part of a deleted post that only bec saw coz she was so quick. ooh, er).

hasarder said...

who liks here?
I like it.

Caz said...

Hooray for Desci's return to the interwebs!!1!

Kartar said...

Desci speaking of Suicide Girls - you might enjoy -

No idea if you like theatre but this is sort of Gothic cabaret/vandeville.

Anonymous said...

I too will being checking out (quite literally) the SG girls this weekend and can't wait for the vampy goodness! We'll have to compare notes on the Melbourne vs Brisbane shows...Lindsay

unique_stephen said...

Glad your back
Given the nature of some of your material it could be more appropriate to have a "who kinks here" section.

Let me know if you need help rebuilding, your blog is cached here and here, but the first (google) is much more recent. If your using firefox you can select some text and under the right click menu “view selection source” to see the HTML for just the bit of the page you want to copy. I'll email you your side bar HTML at any rate. Back up like a straight man in a gay prison - save a copy of the template!!!

I wonder if this will affect your blog shares

Now, I’m going to go back and blog up the pictures of the ultrasound like a proud dad to be (again).

Hambo said...

Glad to see your site back. I take it that blogger fudged up your template?

Reason #2987 why I moved from Blogger.

Martie said...

OMG!!!1! You're back. But you've still got the same name. ;-)

unique_stephen said...

SG's in the SMH today