Monday, April 03, 2006

Two Things I Want so Much that I Could Just Die

1. To film my own filmclip for A Perfect Circle’s ‘The Nurse Who Loved Me’

This was an obsession for awhile, now it’s just a strong yearning. For about a year, I’ve had the bestest idea for a wee film to go with this song. Ack.

What I’m doing about it: Er… idly hopin’ and wishin, and dreamin’… meh.

2. To see the amazing Paul Capsis star in the stage version of one of my top 5 all-time favourite movies, Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Anyone who is familiar with Capsis’ work, or saw the transcendent cabaret show Boulevard Delirium, knows he would be perfect for this role. He has the voice, obviously. But I think he could also play the strength, the hardness yet vulnerability, the intensity and the humour of Hedwig fucking perfectly. Seriously, how GOOD would it be?

What I’m doing about it: I thought maybe I’d write him a letter (well, email). Besides that, there’s, ah, not much I could do, eh?

Freakline tomorrow. And coming up in the next few weeks: TWO big huge special things that you’ll like.


unique_stephen said...

And her I was thinking that Hedwig was Harry Potheads bloody Owl.

gav said...

TWO big huge special things that you’ll like.

Yaaaay, desci's finally gettin' her boobies out!

Or not.

Hambo said...

I want to do a video clip for TISM's "There is going to be sex tonight".

Oh wait... I did.

I <3 Google Video.

Desci said...

U.S - Sorry, I... don't know anything about Harry Potter.

Gav - heehee.

Hambo - yeah, but I'm thinking of one a little more complicated that me in a beanie mouthing the lyrics :P

billyjoe noodle-bob said...

yay for hedwig - we <3 hedwig. In fact I'm going to listen to it right now....

/me starts rocking out to "angry inch"