Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Done and done. Yesterday morning at the earliest time ever. But everything went according to plan, and though I was very nervous, I think it went well… I’ll let you know when I hear.

Thank you all so, so much for your tips. I read/practised them all again on Monday when I was preparing, and then again when I was sitting on the tram. They were absolute gold; I don’t think there was one I didn’t put into practise. I have the best readers ever. Thank you.

Anyway. What else has been happening? Fucking thesis. And another 7500 words of coursework to do in the next three weeks. The former will hopefully be due in late November.

Drinking! As I’ve said, Boyfriend and I aren’t drinking for a whole month. I’ve never consciously decided to not drink for that long, but surely in my adult life I’ve gone a month without drinking? SURELY.

Then again, I do/did have the unique position of never being designated driver so if there’s alcohol around, unless I’m sick there’s never a reason to not have at least one glass. Or cup. Or bucket. Hm.

But yeah. It’s been difficult coz I’m an idiot. Seldom do I drink on a weekday (Monday to Thursday). Maybe once a week, twice, rarely. And yet every night I’ve thought, ‘mmm, I’d like a glass of wine with dinner’ teh fuXor? I don’t do that when I’m by myself. I figure it’s just because I have no willpower so when I can have something I immediately want it. How the hell did I quit smoking so easily?


Hambo said...

For me, quitting the smoking was easy, seeing as I never smoked in the first place.

Drinking on the other hand... many a time after a big night out in the living room, I wake up, splitting head ache, world is spinning and I say "Never again", only for me to go back on the piss the next week.

Hey Desci, how about coing out for drinks this weekend? hehehe.

Hambo said...

stupid typo... "coing" should read as "going"

Napoleon said...

I haven't been drunk since christmas, and before that it was July. My problem is I'm a fucking lightweight and get drunk on one glass of mixed Baileys or anything. In July I got pissed and passed out on 4 (count 'em) SKYY BLUE'S. You're all cunts if you can drink more than that.

Desci said...

Hambo: Foul temptress.

Me: are you an annorexic midget or just a lucky biatch?! You don't know how good you have it; you could get pissed for under $5. That's brilliant!

Hambo said...

I've done a slab of beer. I've also done 4 jugs of beer. Almost polished a 10 pack of bourbon off the other week. However I left it to late, and the sun was starting to rise again.

Napoleon said...

It's not brilliant when you're trying to be all casual and lovely looking fab with a glass of wine in your hand. I'm also a very absuive drunk, I tend to sware at children.

Hambo: You're a cunt.

Sweatergirl said...

Desci - Glad to hear the interview went well.

Why give up drinking? It's good for you! Well, in moderation...

Desci said...

Sweatergirl: basically, to see if we can go a whole month without drinking. I think it was important because by day 16, we were up to 'holy fuck, it's only been a bit over TWO WEEKS?!' Alarming.