Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bot Hot to Trot, Not Got Plot

I wrote this about two months ago, to go on Spin Starts Here. O Well, I snoozed, I losed. But just while we’re on that, Skel writes about the death of ‘old’ TSSH better than I ever could.

It was a site I visited several times a day since 2003, and I’m gonna miss it, but I can’t believe Caz kept it going for so long and for that I thank her. (Also, at the start I used to comment with my real name; I wasn’t even Desci yet. I told Caz this about a year ago and she remembered the name, and just figured I’d fucked off because they’d offended me. Hehe)

Onto the post!

Finally, FINALLY, this niche has been filled.

I've always been attracted to girl-on-bot action (GBA) but was turned off the overtly crass robot porn of our current times. What I've always wanted - dreamed of, if you will - is a blog that incorporates the titillation of GBA, with the natural understated sexuality of 40s pinup girls.

Ah, the internet. Is there anything it doesn't have?

No really, is there? What can't you find on the internet that you've always wanted?


Napoleon said...

Oh oh oh kind of relevant! I have a sick friend in Japan and he was telling me about a friend he had 16 years ago in Wales who had a car accident and became quadriplegic. I found him and got them talking! I'm going to heaven.

caz said...

I don't know that I'm comfortable being included in a post with bot-on-girl pr0n action in it. My Googlestalkers aren't very literate and will just browse this post and assume that somehow this is a fetish I enjoy. Shame, Desci, shame.

The Hack said...

Everyone in teh intrawebz knows you're a bad mother, Caz. It stands to reason you'd be into robot porn.

"Artificial insemination? Who'd want to make it with a robot?"

Desci said...

Hack, now you've done it. Expect 'ZOMG CAZ DUN IT WIT A ROBOT 4 SHARPELLE'. It'll put your 1337 fertility skillz into question.

Skel said...

The final humiliation for Robbie the Robot. He should never have left the Forbidden Planet.

First ghey robot too - quite the revolutionary in his own quiet way.