Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Besides sewing, I also started doing a Chinese course in Feb. I’m doing it with mum and Boyfriend.

I actually did Chinese in high school (years 7 – 9) and a year at my first uni in 2000. But this is less about writing, more about just speaking and listening.

It’s all going well, though his accent is a bit different to others from whom I’ve learnt. And we’re not learning characters, which sucks.

First lesson in, he told us there’d be no tests. Since I fucking LOVE tests and exams, I was crushed. And I accidentally let out a little sigh of disappointment. Mum looked at me and said, ‘you’re such a fucking nerd. I’m telling your brother.’


Dawei said...

Highfive on the language improvement. I'm brushing up on my French at the moment and am kicking sizeable amounts of ass. Don't worry, you aren't a nerd. Other people are just STOOPID.

eat my shorts said...

I love that your mum said that to you.

LOLZ - I bet she made you sit up the back with the cool kids, but you wanted to sit up the front with the smart kids. I'm right, aren't I?

insertnamehere said...

Mandarin or Cantonese?

naridu said...

hehe that's so cute. Do you find yourself remembering much from the old classes? I've been hitting the Italian podcasts and surprised myself with how much I still know.

Desci said...

Dawei: My French is next on the list, considering how pathetically stale it has become.

EMS: I MADE her sit at the back of the 'u' shape. It's the most commanding position.

INH: OBVIOUSLY Mandarin. Cantonese is ug-leh.

Naridu: Hee! Yeah, I remember quite a bit, actually, which was impressive.