Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Month Into My New Job

Roll call of sorts.

Dress Code:
Wear whatever (within reason: no trackie dacks, jeans ok. Not like I own either of them)

How it could be better: Um, it couldn’t really. Oooh! Hang on, if they had a corporate account at Target, Myer and selected goth shops throughout Melbourne. For some reason. Yeah, that’d be sweet.

How it could be worse: it could be so much worse in so many ways. Corporate wear, must wear heels, must wear a uniform…

Urg. Seriously, assistant rates blow. I’d be making more at the callcentre.

Better: well, anything more than ‘poverty-line chic’. I’m not even paying HECS yet.

Worse: I COULD be made to do heaps of unpaid overtime.

Yeah, it’s gonna suck with any job, really.

Better: working from home would make me mighty unhealthy at the current time. I think the problem’s more with me not living next to a train. O, to live on the Hurstbridge line.

Worse: It could be somewhere further out; at least it’s central, near the CBD.

Booooring, but the novelty is still there, which is nice. Very monotonous, very dull-yet-exact specific editing to a rigid, nonsensical style.

Better: Any other editing work, really. Also, being able to use the interwebs for evil, not good, would be sweet.

Worse: Oh, I’m sure it’s out there. Well, worse would be working in a team; the good thing is I can work on my shitkicking tasks fairly autonomously throughout the day, at my own pace. So that’s nice.

Co Workers:
Are great, really. Nice people and I don’t hate any of them yet, which is a new personal best. There’s one who’s pretty annoying, but that’s a post for another time.

Better: They’re all quite young, and I really enjoy a few of them, so I think I’ve hit the jackpot here.

Worse: Oh, man, don’t even get me started.

No milk in our dodgy little office (so I eat my post-gym cereal dry), and a tiny stinky bar fridge. Quite pants, really. I have my own desk though, AND drawers, and my own phone line! That’s fucking fantastic.

Better: I could have my own office. Or cubical. That’d be fucking sweet.

Worse: I could have to share a desk, or… I don’t know, not have a dedicated desk.

Basically, I’m gonna try to stick it out for a year before going on to bigger and better things. I’ll start looking for new work at the 11-month mark.

Better: I get headhunted in three months. Snort.

Worse: I can’t stick it out for six months, like the weak little fuck I always am.

So, that’s that, then.


Lumpen said...

Wait… How can they make you do unpaid work? Is that an AWA thing?

Desci said...

Some of them do it, inexplicably enough. Grey area.