Monday, April 02, 2007


Friday night we saw Walking with Dinosaurs. It was fucking awesome, huge, spectacular, detailed dinos. It was quite short, (two acts, maybe a bit over 30 minutes each, and a 30 minute interval) but well worth going, especially since we had great seats. Utterly recommended.

Saturday we hung out at my house and watched Spaced (not as good as Black Books, the IT Crowd etc, but worth watching). Saturday night we went to a party at Tutor’s which was just the best fun in the world-universe. I truly adore those guys. I’ve not laughed so much in ages.

Anyway we had a pretty early one because I was wrecked (and had too much yummy cheese and red wine) and we had a taxi driver who was PMSing his arse off (more about that on the podcast… Friday’s, I think?)

Sunday Boyfriend went to his parents house for his mum’s birthday, fortunately I got out of it because I had a fair bit to do.

Sunday night I saw Reel Big Fish and Guttermouth at Billboard. First I went to Team Leader's house, had a bit to drink, smoked some pot and had a little line of speed. (First time. Verdict: a long time coming, and, um, it just made me feel slightly more Desci for about an hour. But I liked it quite a bit, especially since I could go home and sleep afterwards).

So we went, Guttermouth were fanfucking TASTIC. Oy, so good. They played most of my favourites, and even the ones I didn’t know I loved.

When they played ‘Lucky the Donkey’ early on, I went up closer. Then they played ‘Do the Hustle’ straight after that and I dived into the pit. I know, me. I thought my pit days were over when I stopped being a teenager (at around 21). It was probably the speed.

Also, I figured since I’m losing weight, I might as well use my oodles of extra padding for Good while I still can. So in with me, giggling and jumping while getting flattened by guys a foot taller than me. I was thrown about around the middle/left-hand half for a good few songs, until I had to get water. Then I went back for the end.

I’m not as massively ghey for Reel Big Fish as I am for Guttermouth, but they were also heaps of fun and I knew many of the songs. I met up with some friends I’ve not seen for ages and we danced together until some guy ushered me to the front area. He was so nice, how could I refuse? So back in the pit I went.

Afterwards I was looking for my friends and the only other goth chick there came up to me and we made friends. She was lovely (and very cute, hehe), hopefully I'll see her around the more sceney places. She asked if I studied anywhere, and I realised how weird it was that I'm not a student anymore. I must have FILTHY UNI STUDENT written all over me. She's doing biological science.

Anyway, it was all fantastic. Except for the guy trying to chat me up, and not having much experience with that, I kind of just got scared, smiled and was polite but offstandish until he went away. I mean, he seemed like a nice guy and he was pretty drunk so I didn’t want to be rude. Right way to do it?

So many sore bits today. I don’t visibly bruise usually (lots of leafy green veges) but I can feel massive bruises all down my arms from errant elbows. Euch, so much fun.


eat my shorts said...

I've never met a bi-sci (shuddup, that's what they're called, they like it) student who wasn't hardcore fun at uni. Just sayin'.

I can't comment on the bloke chatting you up thing. It's been the longest time since a drunk dude tried to pick me up I've forgotten what that's like. I did recently have some old biker dude make rude gestures behind my back. He thought I didn't know! Bah! What he didn't know was that I secretly enjoyed it.

nancy said...

OH DESCI! I think Spaced is far superior to the IT Crowd. You need to watch all two series in a marathon to get what i'm saying. Although maybe a British point of view is different from an Australians? It's just summing up being a slacker in London for me right now, and Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevens are fantastic. Black Books however, is unsurpassable, and is especially endearing me at the moment since i'm working a few streets away from the shop. How exciting.