Sunday, April 15, 2007


Hur-blung over.

Friday night we went to tramcar restaurant. I’ve been to fancier places since the two times I went with Funzo, but the food was still quite good (not the amaaaazing I remember). It’s the surroundings that are the amazing thing about it: lovely opulent interior, and it’s just so cool to see Melbourne when you’re eating dinner. Good fun, highly recommended.

Oh, hot tip though: around winter, do the early dinner. It’s shorter, with fewer courses, but it’s cheaper. BUT, the main thing is that you still get some of your ride at sunset, which is just lovely.

Saturday we went to Pearl with Boyfriend’s twin for a birthday breakfast. But they don’t do breakfast anymore. Anguish. We still managed to have an uberyummy lunch, though.

Then we saw Puppet Up! With mum and dad. I had mixed feelings coming in, but my god, all of us laughed through the entire show. HIGHLY recommended.

Saturday night was a massive party at Boyfriend’s twin’s house to celebrate their birthday and his brother’s housewarming. It was great, fantastic fun, except for the fact that they invited their parents (the fuck? It wasn’t a family party) and their parents bought the grandmother, who lives with them. And his older brother bought his little girl. I don’t know, I’m just not at that point in my life where fun parties include people over 55 or under 18. The former may take another decade, the latter may never happen again.

Today! Boyfriend’s sleeping next to me making little Snuffalupagus snores. He’s occasionally nuzzling me in his sleep, naaaw. I’m hungover as fuck but I can’t sleep; I have too much to catch up on. Also, I’m trying to harvest the energy to get showered and go to the Goth Garage Sale, then do the podcast. Ok. Energy! Energy!


eat my shorts said...

The party I went to last night included over 55's and under 5's. I know what you mean, Desci. That's not how I've ever defined a party before. Luckily there was a band, chocolate cake and lots of sparkling wine to make up for it. And seeing the kidlets bopping along to the band was highly entertaining.

There was a small group of boys aged about 5-8. They just stood at the front, watching the band with their arms crossed. They stayed until the band started to play a slower song (not mushy, just a slower tempo) and then they ran away. Those little dudes were a tough crowd.

Anonymous said...


Blogger is forcing me to sign on to new blogger, something I can't do yet for 64 reasons. SO THIS BLOG IS GONNA BE OVERHAULED ON THE WEEKEND.

Following that, look forward to slightly shorter but more regular daily posts. Remember them? O how they are missed.

- Desci. xo

Napoleon said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Desci

I miss your regular, interesting posts. Where have they gone?

Also? Fair bit o' titty? Sliiightly misleading these days. (Where's my titty?).


Desci said...

Your bidding is my command.

Anonymous said...

You're a doll.