Sunday, July 08, 2007


Having a cold reminds me of the best invention of the last 2 decades: Aloe Vera Tissues. It’s been years since I’ve had that red, agonisingly sore flu-nose that regular tissues make. And it’s all thanks to these Creations of God.

Seriously, Aloe Vera Tissues and Tampons: best inventions of our times.

What do you think are the best inventions of the last 50 years?


RandomGit said...

The automated hat flap extender. I no longer have to use my fallible human powers of perception to detect if the Canberra winter air has become too chilly for my ears to bear. A small computer in the peak of my cap about the size of a PSP detects the temperature and extends or retracts the flaps over my ears as necessary.

I'm yet to find something to automatically tie the strap under my chin. When that day comes mankind would have finally developed his technology to the point where we can take up our place at citizens of the Galaxy, neigh, the universe.

Or something similar.

PS. Actually, it's the silicon cock ring.

naridu said...

Re inventions: The pill -> sexual liberation -> fun for all.

Re cold: (In the voice of Snagglepuss) Kill it, kill it, ki-ill it!

eat my shorts said...

Internet shopping.

Yes, I'm *that* shallow.


I've got the flu as well. I lost my voice today. I sound like a freaky cartoon version of myself. It's all kinds of wrong.

Sludgette said...

Sliced Bread

Ren said...

Fat girl straight-boot-leg jeans. *nods*

sare said...

teh interwebs, definitely.